What Is The Meaning Of COL Financial?

The COL Financial Group, which was known formerly as CitisecOnline.com, Inc., was established on 16th August 1999, and the SEC approved its name changed to the present ones on February 21, 2012, with immediate effect. COL’s main activities are securities brokerage or dealership, and it also provides all kinds of stock brokerage services via the internet.

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is one of Asia’s oldest stock exchanges

The business, which was established in 1927, is regarded as one of the country’s most real investment possibilities, but just a few individuals are taking advantage of it.

In 2017, just 0.5 percent of the population of the Philippines participated in the Philippine Stock Exchange, and it isn’t even 1 percent! It seemed to validate a study that stated Filipinos are among the world’s least financially educated population, according to the study’s results.

Although the number of local investors has not risen much in today’s market, it is worth noting that they are steadily growing, with the Philippines Stock Exchange stating that they now account for 25.9% of all retail investors as of early this year. It has been more accessible to Filipinos in recent years as a consequence of a rise in the number of platforms that facilitate stock trading, one of which is COL Financial, one of the country’s oldest and most established online stock trading platforms.

It’s tough to make sense of the Philippine Stock Exchange and decide where and how to invest your money. Even on your first transaction, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to make an informed decision. However, with the assistance of the stockbrokers like COL Financial, setting up accounts that will offer you an advantage over the competition is not as difficult as you think.

A large selection of different mutual funds on one single platform, full-service online stock brokerage, investing tools and functionality, professional equity consultation services, investor education seminars, research assistance, info-driven briefings and market updates, and customer supports are among the products and services available to investors.

The Subsequent Options

 The Company’s website also gives investors access to expert opinions and thorough research, allowing them to profit from stock market opportunities by sharing information and market knowledge, as well as giving access to expert opinions and research. COL also provides continuing education and guidance to its clients via readily available seminars, unique events, and dedicated customer care.

COL Securities (HK) Limited, often known as COL HK, is the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary. This company offers online stock brokerage services to Filipinos who wish to invest in stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange or traded on foreign stock exchanges.

Daiwa Securities Group, Inc. bought a 14.9 percent interest in COL in April 2017, enabling the company to access the retail trading market of the Philippines for the first time. In Asia, Daiwa Financial Services is a well-known financial service firm.

Last Bit Of Information

The Company has 100% of its overseas subsidiary, COL Securities Limited, which is headquartered and incorporated in and around Hong Kong and primarily involved in the business of stockbroking and securities investing.

COL Investment Management Inc., a subsidiary of COL, was formed in 2019 to serve as fund managers for the COL Equity Index and the COL Cash Management Mutual Fund Inc., respectively.

Every Filipino may benefit from COL’s goal to be the most trusted wealth-building partner by helping people take control of their financial future via innovative, value-driven products and easily accessible tools.