Which US city is best for Indians?

Do you wonder about immigrating to the US from India? Most Indians would be fascinated with the world of opportunities offered by the US to its citizens. Nearly two percent of the Indians have been residing in the US. That accounts for nearly 2.4 million in the US.

If you were looking forward to settling in the US, but were skeptical about which city to choose, do not fret. Let us break down the list of best cities in the US for Indians. The below-mentioned list of cities in the US for Indians have been shortlisted keeping in mind various aspects such as –

  • Economy
  • Price
  • Good universities
  • Cultural activities
  • Crime rate
  • Job opportunities

Find below the top cities in the US for Indians.

San Diego

The city offers great opportunities to students along with affordable living. With nearly seventy thousand Indian students hosted by the city every year, you would enjoy the company and the scenic beauty of the place. You could save money and have fun in the city of San Diego.


The city offers great educational opportunities to students from a wide range of universities. Both students and employees would also make the most of great job opportunities in the city. The city offers affordable living costs, health, technology, cars, and a relatively low range of necessities. The city caters to you with several modes of transport enabling you to reach other metropolitan cities easily and quickly.


You would come across numerous cultural programs available for Indians. If you wish to study or pursue sciences, Boston is the city for you. The city also caters to you an affordable living. You could make the most of the top universities in the city. You would relish the quality of education offered by the city through its highly reputed universities.


In the event, you were looking forward to studying or pursuing anything related to automobile engineering or automobiles as well, consider Atlanta. The city caters to you with several renowned automobile corporations along with other big corporations in the beverage industry.


The city caters to its residents with the best opportunities for jobs related to the IT industry or anything related to computers or technology. The universities are cheaper yet renowned worldwide. It has been cited as the ten best cities in the world for students.


The city of Dallas accommodates the most number of Indians in the US. It has numerous immigrants and hosts several Indian-related programs. Dallas is a cost-effective city and very homely.


Chicago offers several things to an Indian immigrant. The city is a metropolitan with the best educational place for its residents. Apart from education, the city caters to you a wide range of activities and opportunities for you. With an inexpensive lifestyle and standard of living, you would have a great number of opportunities for tourism and visits.

These aforementioned cities have been the best places for Indians considering immigrating to the US.