Cypher Mind HQ Review 2023

Cypher Mind HQ

Cypher Mind HQ is a top-notch Crypto trading robot that is perfectly suitable for all MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. It is easy to download and fully automated in its working. It was launched back in 2016 and since then it has been updated frequently. It monitors the market and manages the trades on behalf of its clients. In this Cypher Mind HQ review, I will tell you what are the advantages that make it superior to its competitors.

Trading Strategy

The creators of this robot claim that it uses averaging strategies without putting to use the martingale. Instead, it uses reinsurance positions without increasing the lots (also known as the grid strategy). It administers technical analysis and uses a filter to eliminate all the bad entries. The news filter scans and avoids trading around hot tips and news which can cause a possible spike in the market. The users can use it on EURCHF and AUDUSD in any time frame. By closely observing it, I found that it uses a swing trading approach in addition to its features like order limitation and equity risk management. Back Testing

CypherMindHQ has conducted boundless backtests on its websites and results are also available publically. The backtests have been done using Birts TDS on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. This historical performance data is somehow a guarantee for the future. To get the most accurate results, the backtests are conducted using the real tick data, swaps, slippage, and variable spreads. The backtesting depicts that almost 72 percent of trades remained profitable which is a very good number.

Live Trading Results

Corroborative live records are available which prove that the monthly gains with this robot are 3.5 percent with a drawdown of 18 percent. In the sample trade, the software executed 158 trades out of which nearly 70 percent of trades remained profitable. The best trade recorded during this session was 21.50 dollars while the lowest one was -19 dollars.

After having an eye on the profit over time chart, it can be easily concluded that the profit percentage shows a gradual increase from the start which is a good sign for healthy growth of the EA.

Cypher Mind HQ Pricing

The Cypher Mind HQ robot is being sold at a very reasonable price in two different packages. The first package which provides 2 real accounts costs 299 Euros while the second package which provides 5 real accounts is priced at 499 Euros. Both these packages provide some very impressive features such as free lifetime updates, a user manual, a demo account, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Care Service

The company claims that it updates the software at regular intervals so its clients never face any issues. Honestly speaking, in my opinion, the software can lag at any time as famous apps like FB and Whatsapp even face glitches. So a customer support service is a mandatory thing.

Luckily, Cypher Mind HQ is providing a robust customer support service that facilitates its clients twenty-four hours every day on all weak days. The users can contact the customer support agents through various means such as email, AnyDesk, and Team Viewer.

Additional Benefits

  • It is compliant with all MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 brokerage and trading platforms.
  • The robot works flawlessly on all operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • The EA also supports ECN brokers.
  • The User-Interface is intuitive and attractive.
  • 24/7 robust customer support.
  • Suitable for news as well as experienced traders.

Final Remarks

CypherMindHQ is a complete package for traders as it includes instructions, licenses, lifetime updates, and a money-back guarantee. Upon thorough evaluation of this robot I agree that it is one of the best available robots in the market. I recommend you to visit the website and see the trust with your own eyes.

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