Pandemic’s Impact on Real Estate Industry in US May Finally be Going Away

The housing market in the United States of America has been experiencing some wild swings for the past couple of years. The swings are caused mainly by the Coronavirus pandemic. American Housing Sector is Recovering The housing market in the United States was badly impacted during the pandemic. Finally, with the help of health organizations … Read more

Investors of Gasoline Car Companies Get Ready, Europe wants Gasoline Cars Gone by 2035

The lawmakers from Europe have recently cast a vote, which is alarming news for the investors investing money into gasoline car manufacturing companies. European Lawmakers Call a Vote  The voting was cast among the lawmakers of Europe surrounding the future of gasoline and diesel cars. The voting was in favor of completely banning the production … Read more

2 Growth Stocks Worth Dip-Buying

The market remains harsh, but these two stocks boast what rebounds need. The world stares at economic challenges, including escalated inflations, geopolitical tensions, and recession fears. That has seen equity markets tumbling. Most individuals tend to avoid the stock market amidst such conditions. Though it’s impossible to predict a bottom, investors might consider top-notch companies … Read more

IMF Cuts Down US Growth Forecasts

On Friday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) slashed its forecast for economic growth in the United States, as demand appears to be cooling down in the face of an aggressive hike in the interest rates by the US Federal Reserve. However, the IMF did predict that the country would be able to avoid a recession … Read more

Should Anyone Buy Apple (AAPL) Stock Today?

Apple still looks like an impressive long-term bet. Apple (AAPL) has remained a lucrative investment for long-term investors, though the stock lost 23% in YTD. The decline emerged as market players stayed concerned about escalating inflation as the aggressive efforts by the Fed Reserve to cool it down through funds rate hike. AAPL’s price plunge, … Read more

Solid Gains for Wall Street with Tech and Defensives

On Thursday, the main indexes on Wall Street recorded solid gains, thanks to strong performance from tech and defensive shares that outweighed drops in economically sensitive groups, as concerns about an economic recession persisted. Stocks Pick Steam During the trading session, the benchmark S&P 500 was swinging between negative and positive territory, but stocks began … Read more