Should You Buy Vodafone Shares Ahead of Financial Results?

Vodafone’s share maintains a bearish price trend. Etisalat purchased a $4.4B stake in the firm. Vodafone to publish financial outcomes this week. The Vodafone share price witnessed pressure today as the market responded to the updates of Etisalat purchasing the company’s stake. The share trades under LON: VOD ticker. Meanwhile, VOD plunged towards 14.64p lows, … Read more

Whales Dump Tether (USDT) Worth $710M amidst De-Peg Fears

Latest Santiment data shows whales actively dumping their Tether holdings amid de-pegging risks. Yesterday’s trading sessions saw USDT plummeting to $0.97 before recovering to its $1 value area. The decline sent shock across the market. Even large crypto wallets experience psychological pressure, whales selling USDT worth $710 million. The figure represented the highest 1-day USDT … Read more

British Pound (GBP/USD) Declines: Here’s Why

The GBP/USD plummeted to its lowest levels since May 2020. Data showed the economy deteriorated in March. There are worries about increasing rates amid stagflation. The British pound witnessed a massive crash that saw it touching levels last seen in May 2020, as recent United Kingdom GDP complicated the Bank of England’s calculus. GBP/USD dropped … Read more

iFOREX Review: A Broker Focused on Education

When people are weighing up online CFD trading brokers, they often place little importance on one of the most crucial factors of all: educational offerings. Mature traders know that the job of online trading is really a never-ending process of learning, both from the experiences of others and their own experiences. There never was a … Read more

Where to Buy Coinbase Stock (COIN) Dip?

Coinbase Stock (NASDAQ: COIN) crashed today, dropping 12.60% (-10.52) to around $72.99. Coinbase noted a loss in its latest quarterly results and reported users declining. Here’s a guide to purchasing the Coinbase stock amidst a dip. The last five days had the leading U.S crypto exchange recording a more than 41% decline in the stock. … Read more

Global Solution Review – Enjoy Your Trading Journey With a World-class Offshore Broker

Introducing Global Solution Global Solution is a forward-thinking retail trading service provider that aims to provide its investors with a better trading infrastructure when dealing with popular assets and cryptocurrencies. Traders can participate in the financial markets utilizing personalized conditions thanks to Global Solution’s numerous financing methods and accounts, negative balance protection, risk management tools, … Read more