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Bitech Max Review

Trading is an art which is learnt automatically over the course of time by continuous trading and learning from the past mistakes. Yet traders have been often seen repeating the mistakes and one of the reasons for repeating the mistakes is that they hadn’t been able to obtain the right kind of services from the right type of broker. So, if you want to overcome this issue or you wish to learn the art of trading and mastering it, then read this Bitech Max Review.

Tradable Securities

Bitech Max offers bright future in online CFD trading. It is a platform of wide range of tradable securities ranging from commodities to indices, stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies etc. You would be provided with all the facilities that are badly needed for carrying out CFD trading activities in online financial markets existing globally. The biggest advantage however would be that you shouldn’t be asked by the broker to purchase or sell the assets nor obtain delivery of such assets. The idea behind CFD trading is that a trader will not be buying or selling the asset but instead his concern will the price increase or decrease, as the case may be.

Brokers’ Trade Purpose Accounts

A trader cannot proceed with the trading right away but instead their trading ambitions are interconnected with the availability of a trading account. In simple words, if there isn’t an account then there will no question of online trading. For allowing traders to fulfill their trading objectives and ambitions, a wide selection of trading accounts too has been provided by Bitech Max. For availing the account, it is must that the account is funded specifically with the amount required for activating the account. This process is known as meeting the ‘initial deposit’ requirement.

Account Benefits

Choosing an account with the broker means you are now entitled to receiving fully integrated services which the broker has promised to offer. Along with the services, the broker is contractually bound to give unhindered access to online training sessions and education, access to all sorts of trading tools and resources, standard and exceptional offerings such as joining bonus, credit facilities, leveraged trading, low fee, zero commission etc.

Trading Platforms

trading robot

The next important thing from the CFD trading point of view is the effectiveness, easy access and robustness of the trading platform. At least with Bitech Max, you shouldn’t be relying on any one type of trading platforms. There two major types of trading platforms which the broker has developed namely web trader and mobile trader.

As the name suggests, web trading platform is easily accessible with any device of the type including personal computers, mobile phones (either iOS, Window or Android based). Similarly, mobile trader has been designed for mobile users who wish to ensure full-time access to online trading markets at their will.


The broker’s main focus with regard to security is two-fold. High end tech-based security protocols have been utilized by the broker for protecting client’s funds as well as the data and information belonging to the client. For instance, nobody can pass the two-layered security passcodes for accessing somebody’s account with the account-holder’s permission. In case an unauthorized activity is noticed, then the broker itself curtails such access and immediately notifies the trader after apply safety measures.

Customer Care

The traders must also be aware that while carrying out their trading tasks, they might expose to difficulties for which robust solutions will be required. For offering solutions, the broker has established a customer care center. In this center, agents wait for answering calls made by the traders for obtaining solutions. This service is provided 24/5 and obtaining this service demands that either a telephone/mobile phone call is made. If the trader feels that he doesn’t have the time to make a call, he can simply log into his account and search for live chat feature. Thirdly, the trader can access ‘call back’ feature in which case, the broker would be bound to contact the trader.

End Thoughts

Bitech Max is a CFD trading master who is willing to share the art with the ones who are serious about learning it. Do not worry that you’ll be repeating the same mistakes ever again because the broker has a lot of trading-related education to offer.

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