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Boomerang Trade Invest Review

Boomerang Trade Invest logoIt has been almost two decades since the online trading industry has been around adding more value, products, and services to it. For almost two decades, people were uncertain about the nature of online trades, which is why they did not invest in them. However, the past two couple of years have re-defined online trades and the industry has grown tremendously.

This is the reason why you and I are both reading and talking about it. When it comes to online trades, the most critical part is the selection of online trading service provider. So please go through my Boomerang Trade Invest review to know how reliable this platform is.

Trading Account Types Offered at Boomerang Trade Invest

At Boomerang Trade Invest, you are provided with a couple of trading accounts to perform daily trades. These accounts have been readied and provided to you by Boomerang Trade Invest to provide you convenience and a peace of mind while trading.

Boomerang Trade Invest online broker review

  • Real Account

This is the only trading account type offered to you by Boomerang Trade Invest. The account has all the benefits, services, and features that you could ask for any trading platform to provide you. No matter the trading experience or tenure you may have spent at Boomerang Trade Invest, the services offered to you are exactly the same. As it is the only account offered by Boomerang Trade Invest, then it provides you all services and benefits that any kind of trading account offers at other trading service providers.

  • Islamic Account

If you prefer to trade under the guidelines and rules provided under the Sharia Law, then you can go for the Islamic Account. Boomerang Trade Invest offers it because it wants to cater to the trading needs of all investors as well as respecting their sentiments/religious values. Therefore, you can start trading through Boomerang Trade Invest’s Islamic account that offers interest free trades and holdings.

Make Deposits and Withdrawals through Easy Options at Boomerang Trade Invest

The deposit and withdrawal options could not get any easier than what Boomerang Trade Invest has to offer you. It offers you the ability to perform deposits with the help of bank wire transfers or credit/debit cards. These are the most convenient and trustworthy payment methods any platform can offer you when it comes to providing online services.

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As for withdrawals, you do it using the same methods but before you can request a withdrawal, you need to prove your identity and account ownership. You also have to confirm the ownership of the account where you would withdraw the funds. You won’t be able to withdraw your money unless you provide the required details. As a result, the process of withdrawing money can take up 5-7 working days.

Security of Personal and Financial Transactions

Boomerang Trade Invest security

At Boomerang Trade Invest, you can make personal and financial transactions with a complete peace of mind as they are all protected. Boomerang Trade Invest tends to protect them fully with the help of SSL Security Protocol that is known for encrypting any transaction that flows through its infrastructure.

This way, any transaction that you process is protected with encryption so no one apart from you or the permitted entity can access them. These transactions even flow through peer-to-peer channels. This means that Boomerang Trade Invest makes all the efforts of keeping your transaction as private as possible.

Customer Support at Boomerang Trade Invest is Available 24/7

Being a customer-centric online trading service provider, Boomerang Trade Invest ensures it provides you with as much real time support as possible. This is the reason why it has put together a team of veterans that are experts in the field of customer satisfaction.

They know exactly how to gather information and then handle it in the most efficient and effective manner. They ensure you are provided with prompt and reliable solutions to your problems. If you wish to get in touch with them, you can do it via email or landline.

List of Trading Assets You Gain Access To

When it comes to offering you online trading assets, Boomerang Trade Invest does it by offering you all major trading assets. These trading assets are of very high importance for any kind of trade as they have the potential of bringing in most amount of profits and gains for you.

At present, Boomerang Trade Invest offers you five major assets that include cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, forex, and commodities. Each trading asset at Boomerang Trade Invest is backed by experts who would always give you the right and most effective piece of advice.

Trading Platform is Unique and Veteran

For your trading needs and market exposure, Boomerang Trade Invest has adopted one of the most prominent and highly demanded trading platforms, which is MetaTrader 4 (MT4). It is one of the oldest trading platforms and its development team knows very well what kind of tools, services, and features you need to get the ball rolling. Over time, the trading platform has been developed and new features/tools are made available as they hit the market.

At present, the trading platform has tools such as advanced reporting system, advanced trading charts/graphs, automated trading, trading instructions, and many more. When it comes to services, you have access to single-click executions, fast transactions, economic calendar, trading signals, market news, market analysis, and price alerts among others.

If you wish to use the platform, you have the access of doing it via smartphone, browser, and desktops.

Anti-Money Laundering and know-Your-Customer Adherence

Boomerang Trade Invest is extremely sensitive when it comes to the adherence of AML and KYC policies. The firm adheres to these policies to ensure it is offering you the most protected and risk-free trading environment.

Therefore, you are required to cooperate with the online trading service provider in matters such as providing your personal information. The platform runs checks on your personal information as well as transactions to ensure you are always on the right track and there is nothing wrong going on with your profile.

Choose what is best for you

When it comes to online trades, there is one thing you need to be aware of, which is that the online trades do not come easy to handle. They are risky and extremely difficult to handle if you do not deal with him with enough care and dedication. Therefore, you need to make sure you do it with all the dedication and vigilance, otherwise, you will end up like others who weren’t able to gain anything out of it.

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