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Crypto Portfolio Review

How can you enter the world of trading and make sure that you build a trading career out of a small amount of money? The answer is, by searching for a platform that lets you do it. It is true that different platforms are built with different aims and visions. While some let you grow as a trader, others can be quite restricting in their approach. In my Crypto Portfolio review, I will talk about this platform because its features are designed to let you grow as a trader.

The trading services from this platform are quite comprehensive, covering every aspect of a trader’s trading career. From the account type you choose to deposit methods and education, everything is covered well by this platform. Let me talk in more detail and help you make an informed decision.

The Condition of Spreads and Leverages

How high can you fly when you sign up with this broker? What’s the percentage that the broker will take away from your profit when you trade successfully? These are all important questions that have to be answered before you sign up with any online broker. Collectively, they are called trading conditions. I am sure the trading conditions on this platform are pretty favorable for traders. Your orders take less than 12 micro seconds to complete. The spreads on select accounts and assets can be as low as 0pips.

As for leverages, they are different for different account types and assets. However, on the higher side, they can be as huge as 1:600, which is quite unusual. In most cases, the highest most platforms go is 1:500. The difference between 1:500 and 1:600 might not seem huge but you know it’s a ratio, you will be able to fathom the huge difference between the two.

Small Deposits and Big Bonuses

In my personal research and experience, I have noticed that a lot of online trading platforms are quite dry and boring in terms of offering something new to their traders. They keep talking about spreads and leverages, but I think these ideas have become cliché. Like other industries, they don’t offer any bonuses or promotions to attract new traders to the market. I am glad this broker thought about this particular issue. Firstly, you can start a basic trading account with just $250. Secondly, you will get a bonus as soon as you make your first deposit.

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This bonus could be up to 30% of the first deposit you make in your account. That’s not where things stop. You can get a bonus for referring your friends to the platform as well. The bonus for referring a friend could be as big as 15%. I do want to mention here that there are some other great perks for you for signing up with Crypto Portfolio. For example, you can transfer funds using Bitcoin and the funds appear immediately in your account regardless of the method you pick.

Plenty of Assets with No Commission on Trades

There is no definition of “plenty” but I can tell you specifically that you will always have more than 100 trading instruments available to you for trading. These assets come from forex, crypto, stocks, indices, and commodities financial markets. You can enter these trades many times in a day and pay nothing as commission. You just have to know the spreads that have to be paid as a difference between the buying and selling prices of the assets. With the right account, you can trade from more than 300 different assets and diversify your portfolio like any professional trader in the world.

Final Thoughts

I can’t emphasize enough how much I like the referral incentive and signup bonus from Crypto Portfolio. These are the things that I think many online trading platforms are completely missing. In addition to that, the spreads are quite tight from this broker with unusually high leverages. Can it help you build an impressive trading portfolio? In my opinion, yes it can.

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