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Cryptos Seed Review

Traders who had been involved in this activity for years, now have a new dimension to explore in the form of crypto trading. In addition to that, if you are someone who wants to try online trading for the first time, you have this amazing market that can be quite tricky at times but has also the potential to change things for you financially. In this Cryptos Seed review, I will talk about this platform and how you can start crypto trading on it.

There are many other platforms like this one but certain features from this company are designed well for traders who specifically want to join the online trading world for crypto trading. From easy trading accounts to advanced trading tools, you find all of these things in one place when you sign up with this company. Let me tell you more about it in this detailed review.

Account Types and Initial Deposits

Not like others, with Cryptos Seed a trader can access multiple accounts wherein Silver and Bronze are basic/standard accounts, while Gold is average and Platinum, Diamond and VIP are premium accounts. The basic/standard accounts of this broker require a minimum deposit of BTC ranging from 0.1 BTC up to 0.5 BTC. The average account’s funding requirement is capped at least at 1 BTC while Platinum, Diamond, and VIP accounts’ funding requirement range from 5 BTCs to 50 BTCs.

The purpose of this funding requirement is to make the trading account operational so that the funds can then be utilized by the trader in CFD trading.

Features You Get with Each Account

One may find many of the stand-out features in which common features that can be found in each account type are access to web traders, financial advisors, analysts, trading by phone, flexible margin calls, and stop-out levels. Furthermore, there are some features that are particularly account based, and not each account carries them. Such features include ICO updates, fortune shield insurance, and access to more than 250 assets in international trading markets.

trading robot

A place like Cryptos Seed can be an ideal starting point for those who want to diversify their trading portfolios because they have hundreds of assets to choose from on this platform.

High-tech Trading Tools

The broker also hosts a variety of immaculate tools which are different from standard tools of trading which have already been pegged with the accounts. These tools include the tools namely Technical Summary, Build a Trading Plan and Find the Right Strategy.

The tool of Technical Summary represents the existing and expected price movements and behavior of cryptocurrencies in the global markets. This tool is also very helpful in assessing the market position of a particular crypto asset whether the asset is showcasing a strong selling signal or buying signal or whether buying or selling is favorable or not.

Powerful Trading Software

If you may ask any of Cryptos Seed’s clients, they will bluntly tell you that the broker’s platform is one of the most powerful trading platforms because it is web-based. The web trading platform is easy to use and gives you access at your convenience. Secondly, the broker has specifically designed its platform in the sense that it is subsequently suitable for average, pro, and novice types of traders. It offers a huge variety of tools and features which can subsequently enhance the CFD trading experience.

Most importantly, the platform is immensely popular because it offers user-friendly interaction. Anyone can easily navigate without even facing a problem or wasting time in searching a specific feature because everything is synced accordingly.

Knowledgeable 24/5 Customer Service

Client support is top-notch and is provided 24 hours a day with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays. Persons looking after the affairs of client support are careful listeners and know how to deal with a situation or problem. The easiest way of contacting client support is by making a phone call or asking for help by filling out a call-back form.


We are hundred percent sure that you’d love Cryptos Seed particularly because the broker has a lot to offer. Use your free will and consciousness of mind for getting yourself involved in crypto trading at your convenience.

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