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Expochains Review

Expochains logoExperience is something that companies must accumulate over years of providing valuable services. It is doubly true for brokers that work in volatile financial markets. Expochains has been one of the most reliable providers of financial services in the whole industry and amassed incredible expertise in this field by constantly expanding its product line.

Analytical tools at Expochains

The vast majority of modern traders employ technical analysis to make predictions about the market. With the advent of the internet, knowledge hubs, and contemporary terminals, understanding market dynamics became a relatively simple task. While making correct decisions is a skill that only devoted traders obtain, many novices can guess with a higher chance of succeeding by using various analytical techniques.

The terminal at Expochains has a rich arsenal of graphical tools and cool features that help users easier understand what is happening in the market.

Expochains homepage

Mobile App from Expochains

Over 3 billion people globally cannot imagine a day without using their smartphones to at least some degree. With over 5 billion users of smart devices across the globe, businesses that do not have a mobile app or a dynamic web page with an adaptive layout quickly become obsolete. Expochains has one of the best mobile apps in the market.

Use the application to manage your portfolio, place orders, access the account management panel, and more. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Banking at Expochains

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This broker has the standard selection of payment methods that users can employ to both deposit and withdraw funds. You may need to undergo a strict verification process before withdrawing money. Most companies follow very detailed guidelines and regulations.

  • VISA/MasterCard can be used to top up your balance instantly without any delays. It is the simplest and most convenient way to work with Expochains.
  • Bank transfers are usually more secure. This payment method will be available to you regardless of where you live.
  • The range of payment systems like PayPal, Payoneer, and others differs depending on your geographical location.

Security at Expochains

The broker employs contemporary tools to protect your data and communications. Any information exchanged between you and the broker is heavily encrypted. The personal data collected from users is never shared with third parties.

Expochains website

All customers must provide an active phone number, and personal details for verification purposes, and choose an additional way to authenticate. Two-factor authentication provides an excellent level of safety.

Testimonials about Expochains

User reviews demonstrate that the broker has many advantages appreciated by customers. Testimonials are mostly positive. They are focused on technological aspects of the service such as uninterrupted service, instant execution, quick banking, and more. With thousands of good reviews from users across the globe, Expochains is one of the top-rated companies in the industry!

Expochains: Customer Support

Employees of the customer support team are very polite and competent. They usually solve issues swiftly without any delays and do it expertly. You can use a wide range of communication channels to reach out to representatives of the company. Social media platforms can be quite useful when looking for an answer to a specific issue.

The knowledge hub contains information about the platform, its trading terminal, tips on investing, interesting trading strategies, and detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

Pros and Cons of Expochains

The broker has several distinct advantages:

  • Excellent infrastructure and intuitive interface create a great user experience.
  • Dozens of financial instruments you can invest in.
  • Banking is very quick with most transactions processed instantly.
  • Strong customer support and rich educational materials.

Cons of the company:

  • The trading terminal lacks some expert-level technical analysis tools.
  • The mobile app may work inconsistently.

The verdict

Expochains is certainly a good choice when you are looking for a broker that has a good technological platform, lots of assets to trade, and responsive customer support. With many years of experience, this broker offers a wide range of time-tested products and provides sufficient assistance to its users.

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