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FirstCapital1 Review

FirstCapital1 logoIn recent times, many online brokers have emerged and they offer you trading in many ways. You can trade in many markets when you join their trading platforms and some even claim that they will put your trades on autopilot.

Regardless of what they say, the most important thing is that those that offer you advanced trading services are very rarely found and I have found one that I will tell you about in this FirstCapital1 review.

I want to talk about this broker because I think its trading features are designed for modern traders. What do mean by that you may ask? Let me explain everything to you through these broker features.

Universally Compatible Trading Platform

FirstCapital1 trading platform

So, when we talk about advancement, the first thing that comes to mind is portability and compatibility. Compatibility means that your trading platform runs on many operating systems and devices without any issues.

When it comes to portability, it means that you are able to use your trading platform without being limited to a particular geographical location. I am sure you will admire the fact that this platform can be used without any downloads. You don’t have to install it on your device either. You just access the broker’s website and then start trading.

The best thing about such a web-based trading platform is that it runs on all major operating systems. Whether you have Windows or MAC on your computer does not matter. Whether you use iPhone or an Android phone really doesn’t matter either.

What matters is that you should have a device that connects to the internet. If you can make that possible, you can use this platform however you want and from any part of the world you prefer.

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Cutting-edge Security Protocols

In the modern world of online trading, cybercriminals have also become quite advanced. They have many ways to dupe you into giving them your money or leaking your information to them. They aren’t just after you.

Instead, they are after the platforms that you sign up on because by breaching into a trading platform, they can steal the information of hundreds of thousands of people at the same time. Considering that, I am sure you will be thankful that FirstCapital1 has its security in place. The website has SSL certificates and your information is encrypted before it travels on the internet lines.

When you want to trade, you will have to use your online trading account, and when you want to access your trading account, you will have to go through multiple layers of security. You enter your password and then due to the implementation of 2FA authentication, you will be required to insert a unique code as well.

The company even has the system in place to keep monitoring your trading account 24/7 and notify you if it notices anything unusual taking place in your online trading account.

Top Class Charts and Tools

FirstCapital1 charts and tools

Stop relying on old tools and charts when you can use the interactive ones on this platform. You can use the graphs and charts on the platform for not only looking at the price of the asset but other details, such as its volume of trading, resistance level, support level, and much more.

This in-depth analysis of the assets allows you to trade with confidence and have improved chances of profiting from your trades. All of these tools have been provided t you on the platform without requiring any extra money from you. You can use these tools to your advantage and continue to get better with your predictions.

Final Thoughts

I do want to tell you that there is some level of automation on the platform as well. For example, you can use the stop-loss trading technique to define a percentage of loss after which the platform will close the trade on your behalf. There are many other advanced features that have made FirstCapital1 one of the best online trading platform at least in my opinion.

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