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IC Markets Review

IC Markets logoIC Markets is a trading platform exclusively designed for traders willing to trade in the world’s leading cryptocurrencies only. It connects traders to the digital markets and has listed digital assets that have strong market positions. The trading platform offers all the services and features that lead cryptocurrency traders to make sound decisions. This IC Markets review will inform traders about the qualities of this trading platform.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2009. Since then, its value has increased every day and night. Today, Bitcoin is one of the most potent digital assets. As the trend of cryptocurrencies was rising, the second leading cryptocurrency, Ethereum, was introduced in 2015.

As the value of cryptocurrencies kept growing, many new digital currencies were on the blockchain. Now, there are more than 10000 cryptocurrencies in the digital financial markets. Online traders who take an interest in cryptocurrencies get the chance to explore many trading products and grow their investment in the market.

Cryptocurrency trading is an emerging field with different requirements than CFD trading products. To trade successfully in the digital financial markets, traders must have knowledge and trading tools specific for dealing with cryptocurrencies. Trades demanded a dedicated trading platform that could provide them with all the necessities for their requirements. Under such conditions, Rival Ltd put forward a trading platform that provided the base for traders to deal in digital assets.

If you want to know more about this trading platform, this article is right for you. This IC Markets review will provide you with all the necessary details that traders must know about this unique trading platform.

IC Markets website

Introduction to IC Markets

IC Markets is a trading platform based in the United Kingdom. Their agents are not only located in Griffith Corporate Center but also in Kingstown St. Vincent. One of their offices is also located in the Grenadines. It is a globally running trading platform that offers virtual services through a web application.

Anyone can access this trading platform with any device with an active internet connection. IC Markets does not provide services to people living in France, the USA, and Belgium. The team running this platform offers customized services to serve cryptocurrency traders. They offer services to explore the world’s leading cryptocurrencies without facing any hassle.

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IC Markets is an empowering cryptocurrency trading platform. It has greatly simplified the way traders can deal and trade using cryptocurrencies. Its specially designed interface is helpful for traders in many aspects. It has integrated features that serve traders the best at every step of trading.

Traders find its operations very easy to use. The website runs smoothly and offers a friendly experience that traders enjoy. IC Markets assures traders to become successful cryptocurrency traders who get a chance to unfold the potential of growing digital financial markets.

Trading Instruments At IC Markets

IC Markets, unlike other trading platforms, does not offer a variety of trading instruments. It is only dedicated to serving cryptocurrency traders. Despite the fact that there are many cryptocurrencies in the digital financial market, IC Markets have carefully selected digital assets that have a stable market position. These cryptocurrencies take the lead among other digital assets and have a substantial monetary value.

There is a lot of fluctuation in the financial markets. All trading assets possess some risks where the value of trading assets varies that the trading asset in which you have invested amounts, its market value falls. This decline can cause traders a fortune, and minimizing or eliminating this risk is crucial. Considering all these factors, the choice of cryptocurrencies at IC Markets is limited.

The list of cryptocurrencies at IC Markets include:

  • Bitcoin

As mentioned earlier, it was the first cryptocurrency that provided the base for digital assets. It has the highest value among existing cryptocurrencies. Most traders look forward to mine or investing in Bitcoin because of its good value. IC Markets provides a safe place for traders to invest and trade using Bitcoin.

  • Ethereum

Ethereum blockchain is one of the leading digital assets with stabilized market value. Ethereum value has drastically increased within the 6 years of its journey. It was introduced at $ 2.46 per coin, and today, each coin is equal to 3,964.07. IC Markets is a reliable place to trade using the Ethereum coin and other related digital assets based on this profitable and potent digital asset.

  • Litecoin

It is one of the most popular and emerging cryptocurrencies whose value is increasing massively. It resembles Bitcoin in many aspects, but if we compare the speed of its growth and weight, Litecoin outdoes Bitcoin. Traders take an interest in this cryptocurrency as it has emerged as the most potent and promising cryptocurrency of modern times.

  • Ripple

Ripple is a US-based blockchain technology network with many digital assets. It provides a range of stable digital assets which are steadily growing in value. It is currently one of the best affordable digital assets that traders predict will grow immensely. Ripple is an ISC license holder cryptocurrency that traders can trust to grow profits over their investment.

  • Dash

Dash is a relatively new digital asset in the cryptocurrency market. It was introduced seven years ago, but now it is improvised and re-introduced. Modern Dash is built using advanced blockchain technology with improved privacy settings. It is a highly rewarding digital asset with a stable market position with a knack to grow its value in the near future. Its value is immensely increasing in the financial market.

  • Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency of choice for traders who want to stay linked to Bitcoin. It is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and has immense value in the trading market. It has more significant potential to grow than any newly introduced cryptocurrency and is safe and secure. Its transaction process is more efficient and straightforward. It can accommodate more transactions than any other blockchain.

Now that we know about IC Markets and its trading instruments for traders, let us look at the facilities and discuss them in detail.

Facilities At IC Markets

The team of experts running IC Markets understands the technicalities and requirements of cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrencies require a different set of trading tools and trading conditions that boost traders’ confidence and build trust in their trading platform.

From providing leading cryptocurrencies to assistance in trading them, IC Markets has a wide range of facilities that serve every trader registered on their trading platform. These facilities play a vital role in making traders’ lives easier and building a safe environment where traders can take the lead to explore the digital financial market.

Access To The Modern Trading Platform

To interact with the financial markets traders require an interface where traders can connect with the financial markets. As cryptocurrency is a virtually existing currency its trading is exquisitely restricted to online trading platforms. It is crucial to have a trading platform that uses modern technology to facilitate traders at every step.

IC Markets is a technically innovative trading platform that provides traders with an interactive interface. They have custom-designed and developed a web application bespoke to their customer-orientedness. The overall interface is welcoming and offers a motivating trading experience.

Traders can access this trading platform from any browser such as internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, google chrome, opera mini and run it on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, or any other operating system. The web application runs seamlessly, adjusting as per the screen size as traders type the trading platform’s URL in the browser. It offers all the facilities in every size of the device.

The trading platform by IC Markets has numerous trading tools, association with the payment gateways, and an integrated system to cover the security aspects. The trading experts collaborate with the technical experts to keep this trading platform updated with modern technology and remain ahead in the technology race.

Availability of Cryptocurrency Specific Trading Tools

Cryptocurrency is a new and demanding trading field. It requires different expertise, and the digital markets’ trading conditions are also different. To cope up with the differences of this emerging trading market, the experts have introduced many trading tools.

There are many trading tools to help in cryptocurrency trading. A wide range of them is available at IC Markets for free. The list includes calculators, market signals, candles, to research tools such as coin metrics, coin dance, messari, and many others. These trading tools present live news about the value of digital assets, predict their upcoming value, and help traders in performing trading activities.

Options To Select A Trading Account

Each person has their financial capacity so, each trader has their limit to investing in the digital financial markets. IC Markets aims to include everyone in their trading platform and wants to provide an equitable opportunity to grow, whether they are investing a tiny amount or depositing large sums of money.

IC Markets have introduced various trading accounts for traders. Each of these six trading accounts has a different minimum limit that traders submit to get connected with the financial markets. Every account also has a different set of facilities that are supportive in the trading process.

The basic account requires a deposit of1 000$ only. This trading account offers basic price alerts, live support, and an educational center. The basic trading account forms a base that traders can use to explore the IC Markets trading platform or make their entry into the financial markets.

Next is the Bronze account that starts from $10000. This trading account offers price alerts, access to an education center, a dedicated account manager, and live support from trading experts. This account is an exceptional account to boost a trader’s career.

The silver account requires a minimum deposit of $25000. This trading account offers a more personalized trading experience and helps traders grow and learn as they utilise the available facilities. This account offers price alerts, daily market review, costumed analytics, 1-on-1 trading sessions, access to a range of markets, educational center, account manager, live support, and personalized trading strategy.

The gold account requires a deposit of $50000. Along with all the facilities offered at the silver account, this account also provides traders with a chance to attend premier events arranged by IC Markets for traders’ support.

The platinum account is a lucrative trading account requiring a deposit of at least $100000. The trades are provided live support, price alerts, account manager, educational center, exclusive position access, costumed analytics, 1-on-1 trading trainer, premier events, range of markets, and personalized trading strategy. This trading account helps traders to grow their profits impressively.

IC Markets also offer a black account for traders. In this trading account, traders get access to VIP facilities. To access this account, traders must contact customer care representatives.

A Chance To Make More Income

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a profitable business. Traders purchase cryptocurrencies at a lower price and sell them when their value increases. Traders make good profits in this way but IC Markets further increases the chances of making profits by providing leverages or marginal loans for traders who use this trading platform.

Using leverage trading traders can make a larger position in the market in less time. This facility has promising outcomes on trader’s career and helps them achieve better controls over trading conditions.

IC Markets offers outstanding services for traders and provides them an opportunity to grow profits on growing their trading circle on this platform. Traders who are satisfied with the services talk about their trading platform among friends, family and fellow traders, they become interested and join this trading platform. Upon their registration, traders get favors and perks from IC Markets as a token of appreciation.

Security System

Trading platforms must provide a secure environment for traders. Traders do not invest in platforms where there is any risk of losing their investment amount or information. The security of both of these is of immense importance to novice and expert traders. So, it is recommended to check out the security features offered by a trading platform along with their reputation in the marketplace.

Firstly, as a trading platform regulating the security system is of great importance. The starting of this system depends on the source of money and identification of people registering at their platform. Financial institutions and banks have outlined a structured framework which they use to identify their customers.

IC Markets make use of the same policy to identify traders and check the credibility of people coming to their platform. All of their customers pass through the four KYC steps so there is no compromise on the platform’s authenticity.

Secondly, IC Markets make sure the source of income by using the international Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML). Implementing this policy helps the trading platform distinguish funds from legal and illegal resources.

Thirdly, the use of various internally built policies that help IC Markets to regulate the security system. It includes policies for keeping the information confidential and confined to the data. Under one such policy, traders can only deposit and withdraw amounts into one bank account registered on the trading platform.

Lastly, the use of technology to secure the trading platform. The web application is built using secure codes and they are protected using passwords and cache technology. It helps them with the static application security, while the dynamic functions are protected by converting into the unreadable cipher codes of data encryption technology.

Educational Resources

Traders must have knowledge about the trading processes and work of the financial markets to become successful traders. Trading without the basic knowledge can cause them huge financial losses. In fact, relying completely on a broker or trading tools is also not a good idea. For the growth of traders, they must develop a better understanding of trading processes and perform activities by using their wit.

IC Markets have collected some educational resources for the guidance of the traders registered o their trading platform. It includes video tutorials on how things work at IC Markets and information about the financial markets of enlisted digital assets.

Traders can also take help from available experts by calling them at the provided numbers or by sending an e-mail. IC Markets also provide one-to-one training sessions to guide traders more about cryptocurrency trading as they remain connected and strive to become better traders.

Customer Care Services

IC Markets has provided traders with a constant support system where they can connect using multiple ways. Traders can call at the provided number, email them or submit queries through the form available on their website. This customer care center runs 24 hours a day, and they do not take off on weekends or public holidays.

This constant support center is of valuable importance for traders as they find motivation to trade with full potential. The customer care representatives are friendly and professional. They provide traders with all the necessary information and try their best to resolve queries. If they are unable to help, they also connect traders with relevant departments or experts to resolve their queries.


Trading with cryptocurrencies is different than trading with CFD products. Seeing the increasing demand for cryptocurrency trading, IC Markets emerged as a comprehensive trading platform that deals in carefully selected cryptocurrencies. The purpose of its existence is to provide valuable cryptocurrencies to traders that offer a stable market position and chances of growth.

IC Markets also offer some value-added services by which traders can feel relaxed and perform trading activities efficiently. These services include the provision of an advanced trading platform, various account options, educational resources, security features, and more to help traders at every step of trading. IC Markets offers traders a wholesome trading experience through its trading platform.

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