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Interacinvestor Review

Interacinvestor logoTrading in the financial markets is one of the most lucrative opportunities for anyone to explore in these tough economic times. With a small investment and a not a lot of effort, you can make it big in the trading space, as long as you make some right decisions.

What are these? In order to start with your trading journey, you have to look for an online broker to provide you with the platform, tools and offerings you need. This is a decision that cannot and shouldn’t be made lightly because it can have serious and long-term repercussions on the outcome.

It takes only a quick search on Google to discover that there are a horde of online brokers that are offering their services in the market nowadays. You will not have trouble in finding the options, but choosing from one of them is a big challenge because most people don’t know what to look for.

Even a slight miscalculation can result in you choosing an unreliable broker and this can ruin your overall trading experience. So, how do you choose? The best way to opt for a brokerage is to take a close look at their offerings and then make up your mind.

Let’s check out what they have to offer:

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Trading Instruments

If there is one thing that you need to know about a broker, it is their trading instruments. What can you trade with them? Knowing the answer to this question is of the utmost importance because this will tell you how much profits you can expect to make since this depends on the instruments you trade.

In this regard, you will find Interacinvestor to be a great option because they have put together a range of instruments on their platform. They allow their clients to invest in different financial markets, thereby providing them the perfect opportunity to achieve portfolio diversification.

When you decide to use Interacinvestor, you will be able to invest in the world’s biggest financial market i.e. the foreign exchange market. They allow you to trade a wide range of currency pairs, as per your preference. You can also trade in the stock market, which enables you to buy and sell shares of some of the leading companies in the world.

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There are indices, such as S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and more that can be traded. You can go for commodities including precious metals like gold and silver and they also offer the chance to invest in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Interacinvestor trading instruments
Trading Platform

The one element offered by a broker that will have the biggest impact on your trading experience is the platform they are offering to you. If the platform is no good, you will find trading to be immensely difficult.

It is important to know exactly what you will get and Interacinvestor has chosen to offer you the best i.e. the MetaTrader 4 (MT5) trading platform. It is the leading trading platform globally because it can deliver a seamless experience to every trader, regardless of their background and skill level.

As a matter of fact, you will find different versions of the MT5 offered to you. You can download the desktop platform on your Mac or Windows device, if you prefer the more traditional experience.

Otherwise, you can also use the MT5 web trader, which can be accessed through the website and doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed. Interacinvestor has also added mobile MT5 apps as well, which are available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download them on your smartphone or tablet and use them for trading on the move.

The MT5 is a well-recognized trading platform and no matter which version you opt for, it is capable of delivering a powerful trading experience. It is equipped with ultra-fast execution speed, one-click trading features and a horde of trading tools, including advanced charts, line graphs, technical and fundamental analysis tools, price alerts and trading indicators.

Interacinvestor trading platform
Account Options

When it comes to opening an account with Interacinvestor, you have the option of signing up for a real live trading account, after you have had some practice with the demo account. The process is not that complicated and it allows you to trade in the financial markets of your choice.

Apart from that, it should also be noted that an Islamic trading account is also offered to those traders who prefer to have a Swap free account, which means there are no overnight rollover fees charged. This trading account is Sharia compliant and designed for Muslim traders.

Payment Methods

In order to be able to trade through the account you have opened with Interacinvestor, you need to make deposits first. They have introduced several payment methods on their platform that can be used not just for adding funds, but also for making withdrawals in the future.

You can opt to use debit and credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard for this purpose. They also support the option of bank wire transfers via their platform, but it is important to remember that these transactions may take a little while to process.

You will also come to know that Interacinvestor offers its clients 24/7 customer support for answering their queries and questions. They have to verify their account in order to be able to use it seamlessly, but it is done for their own safety and ease.

They have zero commissions and hidden fees, which is undoubtedly appealing because it can keep your trading costs low in the long run. In addition, Interacinvestor has also taken security very seriously, so you can trade with complete peace of mind.

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