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Investirex Review

A great way to start online trading is to seek out a broker who can offer you a proper trading platform with various trading tools and flexible trading conditions. Now, before you begin CFD trading, it is important to know the concept. CFD traders don’t need to buy or sell anything and instead of buying and selling, they put the money against the price increase and decrease of an underlying asset. If you are okay with that idea of trading, my Investirex review will definitely give you a starting point.

It might not be the most popular trading services provider out there, but based on my research, I can tell you that its features are something you will value as a trader. Isn’t that what matters the most? Let’s take a look at this broker’s features for its traders.

A Big Asset Index

Buying assets is not within everyone’s reach, particularly when somebody is interested in buying stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrencies or other such overpriced assets. However, it is CFD trading through which you can invest your money in just about any financial market. If you wish to do that, Investirex could be your way forward.

Currently, Investirex is offering you the option to trade stocks, commodities, indices, forex etc. When this broker is on your side, you won’t be needing anyone else because all the resources you need are already there.

Types of Accounts

If you wish to join Investirex for carrying out CFD trading, you will firstly need to open a trading account. Fortunately, the broker has established three major kinds of accounts namely Standard, Premium and VIP, which can easily fulfill the requirements of novice and average as well as veteran traders.

trading robot

·       Standard Account

Standard account is a good choice for average and novice traders as it contains features namely floating spreads, flexible leverage, 24/5 availability of dedicated account manager and full access to education. However, it may be noted that this particular type of account is commission based while leverage too is limited to 1:30.

·       Premium and VIP Accounts

These two accounts should more be required by professional traders and sometimes even the average traders. These accounts contain the same feature as that of Standard account yet the major difference could be seen in the flexibility of leverage which is depending upon the account-holder’s ability to invest. Most importantly, both these accounts are completely commission-free.

·       Demo Account

Also there is an account called Demo account which has been built for giving the first-hand knowledge of trading to a person who is trading for the first time.

Education and Training

Education is often disregarded by traders but the fact is that education is as important for an experienced trader as it is for the beginner. Education is one such thing which helps a trader in making thoughtful decisions. It helps traders assess market reviews and trends in a sound manner and understand things with which the trader is not familiar. For traders’ education, Investirex has provided it exclusively and taken it out of the accounts. This means that education is open to each customer irrespective of which trading account they have with the broker. In this education, the most important features are glossary and the trading school, which are full of knowledge-based material.

Trading Platforms

Unlike other trading services providers, Investirex hasn’t limited itself to just one type of platform. You can choose from three different trading software when you join this broker. First one is web trading, second is mobile trading and third is MetaTrader 4, which does not need any introduction.

This means you can trade from the comfort of your home, while traveling, or when you are on the other side of the world.


Choosing the right broker is crucial to any trader before they start trading. I was a basic trader just like you in the past, but I have learned my lessons. With this review, I just want your attention to a platform that I think is doing better than most of its competitors. I’ll let you decide the rest.

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