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It appears that the fashion industry has finally caught up with the growing hybridization of the reality and computer universes with the help of using non-fungible tokens. Rolex adopts the so-called “Metaverse” and seeks trademark registration, making it the newest name in fashion. 

Money exchange using cryptocurrencies

Reports state that the company also intends to develop a metaverse production for the internet playing market, and that this Rolex app is a part of a larger expansion strategy. The company predicts that this will result in a widespread acceptance of NFT, which could have significant advantages. 

Rolex is the most recent in a long line of opulent companies that want to investigate the possibilities and chances in the Meta Universe. They can expand their clientele by integrating crypto and blockchain technology into their services. Despite the bearish market dynamics, it will also increase company winnings and help the organization get ready for a potential approaching meta-verse. 

Main aims

Thanks to its sleek design and laser-engraved QR code on the ratchet wheel, this watch first rose to the status of a luxury item and is now widely regarded as the thinnest mechanical timepiece in the world. This made including it in the NFT simpler. According to company CEO, this is the main strategy for preserving its watchmaking heritage while introducing cutting-edge technology to its clientele. 

Luxury watches owners have access to the NFT’s benefits and features that already exists. The first watchmaker, l. Moinet created a sensational cosmic clock. Recently, the company released a catalog of 1000 hours of NFTs established on the concept of the understanding of the universe, and every single NFT was sold out in less than 7 minutes.

Сrypto payments

The watch production company Heuer declared that it was going to yet accept costs paying for online orders made in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. Through a US website that accepts payments through the BitPay payment gateway. A smart-watch characteristic that transforms any attached Caliber productions into an NFT spectator was also announced. With this feature, we hope to demonstrate our collection of digital assets and provide ownership documentation.

trading robot

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