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Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a Mexican tycoon, sent an unexpected new year special statement to his 959,000 Twitter supporters. He’s the owner and head of Grupo Salinas, a Mexican corporation and presently Mexico’s 3rd wealthiest man.

The Tycoon’s Initial BTC Encounter 

On 17th November last year, Salinas tweeted to his fans that Saifedean Ammous’ publication, “The Bitcoin Standard” was the greatest and foremost impactful publication for comprehending BTC. Quite intriguing, he claimed that BTC accounted for 10 percent of his liquidity ratios.

At a press conference conducted by Giovanni Pigni from Cointelegraph around December last year, he discussed BTC. He began the discussion by recounting the way he initially learned of BTC. He shared that he got an invitation to a seminar in New York and it had multiple workshops. He recollected that a man from Grayscale turned up at one of the workshops and couldn’t quit bringing up topics concerning BTC and that it was going to dominate the universe. 

He told Giovanni about the way the man’s words grabbed his interest right away and he made a decision right there to check it out and try seeing the way everything would go. He only made a small investment in BTC and as at that period, 2013 it was traded at  $200.

He stated that the thing he enjoyed the most about Grayscale was the way they made everything easy. You would only need to invest your funds in a trust, and they will invest it on your behalf, assist in maintaining it, and give you the monthly report, and it proved to be an excellent system, and ultimately that trust transformed into GBTC, that’s currently an exchange-traded product.

The Tycoon’s Advice

Even though Salinas was originally drawn to BTC as just a payment method, he soon understood that it’s the storage valuation which actually renders it significant. Subsequently during the press conference, Salinas stated that even in early 2017 (the period wherein Bitcoin still traded at $17,000), he liquidated his entire Bitcoin assets.

He said that he had a great celebration and was overjoyed with his greatest purchase yet, however like we all know, we usually end ourselves back at the crime site. So, the moment BTC dropped to $10,000, he decided to be more realistic and purchased some more. Later on, it dropped to $6,000 and then he made the decision to purchase a few more, and he ended up with an average hovering at about $9,000, and he is yet to be through. He said that he has no plans of selling and plans on hodling for another 5 or 10 years.

Salinas, on the other hand, posted a tweet on the 24th December and its content reads in English:

My dear 957,200 followers on Twitter, I leave you a message from #Navidad and from #FindeAño , please listen to it and share it. A hug and all the success of the universe for all of you, may God give you health, desire to live and get ahead, the world belongs to dreamers!

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The content of the video clip features Salinas recommending that his Twitter supporters should start investing in BTC rather than retaining their assets in national currencies (because of those cash creations by central banks throughout the universe).

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