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OmikoTrade Review

If you are struggling to find a good brokerage service provider in the Forex industry, we suggest you consider OmikoTrade, one of the best companies out there. In the intensely competitive financial market, this broker has been consistently among the leaders. It has a rich selection of financial products to choose from and provides access to hundreds of different assets.

OmikoTrade trading terminal

The native terminal deployed on the broker’s infrastructure is a great instrument that any retail trader will appreciate. While it is not as powerful and versatile as MetaTrader4 or TradingView in terms of its analytical tools, the terminal provides everything you need to make informed decisions.

Here are some advantages that you will enjoy while using it:

  • Instant order execution. Despite claims of any broker that externally connected terminals have the same latency as their native ones, service interruptions and underperformance of a desktop can make a difference. Using the terminal that is deployed directly to the internal network of the company is a much better choice if stability and fast order execution are your priorities.
  • Broker-specific functionality. OmikoTrade offers a wide range of unique features like one-click order placement, order history with detailed analytics, informative reports, and more. Retail traders planning to work with this broker extensively should get familiar with these features.
  • Aesthetically pleasing visual design. Some people think that visual design is not something that a broker should focus on. However, user experience is defined by the aesthetics and usability of the interface. You will find both when using this terminal.

Education at OmikoTrade

The company tries to provide in-depth educational materials to all retail traders who may not be accustomed to investing in financial markets or using various techniques of technical analysis in their investment endeavors.

Here are types of educational materials that you can access on OmikoTrade’s official website:

  • Read informative articles that explain various investment strategies and cover market breakdowns regularly.
  • Learn more about various features of the web platform by exploring tutorials and the FAQ section.
  • Obtain VIP status to receive personal guidance from professional traders and enjoy special signals generated by sophisticated strategies.

Customer support at OmikoTrade

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When it comes to assisting clients, this broker is certainly among the most dependable in the whole FX domain. You will receive an answer to any inquiry in the live chat minutes after sending a message. The support team may be overwhelmed on weekends and during holidays, but it will promptly assist during business hours.

Use various communication channels to reach out to the support team. You can write an e-mail, talk to representatives of the team in the live chat, or leave a detailed ticket in the support system.

Banking options at OmikoTrade

The variety of ways to add money to your account is quite impressive. You can use debit cards, wire transfers, payment systems, and even cryptocurrency payments. There are several important nuances that you should know:

  • Payments made with debit cards are processed instantly allowing you to avoid a margin call or quickly place an order when you see a reliable signal from your trading strategy.
  • You should always talk to customer support before making a deposit. You may be eligible for a bonus that can be quite helpful if you plan to use borrowed funds.
  • Withdrawing is possible only with verified bank accounts. The broker will check whether your credentials match your banking data.
  • A withdrawal may be delayed by up to 5 business days. Make sure to account for potential delays when planning withdrawals of your earnings.

The verdict

OmikoTrade proudly wears the title of one of the best brokers in the FX industry. It is a versatile platform where you can access over a hundred different financial instruments including currency pairs, derivatives, and CFD contracts. If you are interested in using various trading strategies and want to work with low fees, you should take a closer look at OmikoTrade.

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