Tips to Increase Home Loan Eligibility Amount

While opting for home loans, home loan eligibility amount is covered underneath holding ample suspense within. But according to a buyer it’s like eagerly awaited exam result or some kind of secret recipe which calls for early dismissal. There are numerous factors which affect the home loan eligibility amount. My recent edits keep telling about … Read more

GDA Gorakhpur Vasundhara Enclave Phase-II Housing Scheme

To accomplish the desire of India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to offering residences for all, the Gorakhpur development Authorities of India are introducing housing proposals for dissimilar segments of the community. The Gorakhpur Development Authority is one of those authorities who introduced a new residential scheme. The authority has introduced Vasundhara Enclave Phase-II Residential … Read more

Can I Stay in the Philippines if I Marry to Filipina?

If someone will marry any Philippines person then they can stay in this country permanently. But they have to apply for a residence visa to stay here legally. Let’s discuss the process for applying for a visa after marriage with Filipina: There are few requirements to get this visa, take a look at the following … Read more

Can a Foreigner Buy Property in the Philippines?

The love of the Filipinos and large investing opportunities are making foreigners more and more interested in buying property in the Philippines. Many individuals are still uncertain if foreigners in the country can own property. Outsiders can own property in the Philippines, but cannot buy land. Foreign ownership is not absolute and is subject to … Read more

Can Indians get PR (Permanent Residency) in the Philippines?

The Philippines is located in the southeast of Asia and the beautiful surroundings of flora and fauna are rich with natural resources. The world’s greatest variety of biodiversity is founded in these tropical regions. Tourist is mainly attracted by the beauty of the Philippines. The beaches, islands, rainforest, mountains all are the most popular destination … Read more

Is the Philippines Richer than India?

According to the International Monetary Fund for 2021, the Philippines’ economy is the world’s 27th largest by nominal GDP and Asia’s 10th largest. The Philippines is one of Southeast Asia’s developing markets, with the third-biggest GDP nominal behind Thailand and Indonesia. The battle between India and the Philippines is becoming more intense as India struggles … Read more

How to Get Income Tax Refund?

Income tax is a tax imposed by the government on the income generated by a business and individuals within their authority. According to law, taxpayers need to file an income tax year to determine their tax requirements. Income tax is generally a source of income for governments. The government uses these services to fund public … Read more

How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card?

A credit card is a type of card used to borrow money from a bank in an emergency need. And interest is applied on that amount. You have to repay that money in a certain period. Credit cards are helpful to fulfill emergency needs for funds. There are two types of credit cards, i.e., secured … Read more

How to Close or Cancel Citibank Credit Card?

A credit card is a thin rectangular-shaped card that is used to borrow money. There is a limit on the credit card set by the bank for a user seeing the customer’s credit score and based on monthly income. For this borrow, some interest is also applied by the bank. And one has to pay … Read more