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Pioneer Markets Review

Pioneer Markets logoWhen it comes to identifying the best companies in the industry, several factors must be taken into consideration. Pioneer Markets is certainly a good candidate for a thorough inspection. It is an established brand in the vast Forex industry, one of the most competitive environments in the global economy. The broker manages to stand out from the competition by having multiple advantages that we will cover in this review.

The trading terminal at Pioneer Markets

We will start with the first thing that any retail trader checks out when trying out a new trading platform — the native terminal. Over 85% of all FX traders use third-party tools that are specialized for analytical work, but there is a large portion of people who also use native terminals as their main instruments or when they cannot access their laptops.

Pioneer Markets homepage

Pioneer Markets has a powerful terminal that has in-built technical indicators that are used by the majority of contemporary strategies. Over 70% of all popular strategies involve Relative Strength Index (RSI) and moving averages. Understanding how to use them effectively is already a critical skill. Without it, even an overcomplicated analytical platform will be useless.

The native terminal on this platform also has standard graphical tools and several key features like one-click ordering and instant order execution.

Financial instruments at Pioneer Markets

With its rich assortment of diverse assets, the broker ensures that its retail traders have access to all possible combinations of financial instruments which is a crucial aspect of active trading. Many scalpers and spread traders need a wide selection of instruments to choose from. Otherwise, their techniques will be inefficient.

The catalog of assets presented by Pioneer Markets contains a plethora of options including a lengthy list of currencies with some exotic pairings, derivatives based on stable commodities, indices, and stocks.

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Educational materials at Pioneer Markets

Any contemporary broker must focus its efforts on educating its retail traders because many enter the market without any prior exposure to investing. Some people must learn basics before starting to use advanced strategies.

Pioneer Markets’s knowledge hub on the official website contains a plethora of informative materials:

  • Learn more about the impact of news stories and economic events on financial markets by reading breakdowns of price dynamics and interesting analytical articles.
  • Expose yourself to sophisticated strategies that involve multiple indicators and produce reliable signals that can be used to find optimal entry points.
  • Study the basics of investing by reading tips on diversification, money management, investment analysis, and more.

Pioneer Markets trading platform

Banking options at Pioneer Markets

The broker wants to ensure that all clients have a convenient way to deposit and withdraw funds. Despite AML guidelines, strict regulations, and other rules to follow, the company manages to offer a diverse selection of payment methods:

  • Debit and credit cards are exceptionally good when you need to top up your balance. Margin traders often need a quick injection of funds.
  • Wire transfers are commonly used to move money reliably and within strict regulations. Withdrawing is possible only to your bank account.
  • Online financial platforms like Payoneer or Neteller can be used by advanced internet users and freelancing specialists.

Customer support at Pioneer Markets

Specialists working on this trading platform will quickly respond to any inquiry related to banking, technical aspects of the service, or financial advice. They won’t provide you with tips or signals but will explain terminology and point in the direction of informative articles and tutorials if you feel confused.

You can reach out to the support team via live chat, e-mail, and support tickets. If you do not receive any response, the team may be overwhelmed. You can talk to a representative of the company on social media to garner attention.

The verdict

Pioneer Markets has many advantages that make it a very good choice for novice traders and experienced professionals who want to see diversity and complexity on the trading platform. This broker has a large catalog of flexible financial products and thousands of satisfied customers.

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