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SeatLabNFT will shed light on the future of NFT tickets, starting with their operation on the NEAR protocol, as a new level of innovation in entertainment, music, and sports ticketing is about to emerge. The goal of the platform is to eliminate selling and advertising while bridging the crack between soccer fans, creators, and the clubs they support. The integration of non-floating coins into the arts and amusement businesses is getting conventional. 

The SEATLABNFT system details

SEATLABNFT is a component of the NEAR ecosystem. It’s interesting to note that NFTs are now being flaunted on social media by athletes and musicians. NFTs, however, offer more intriguing options than simply using them as personal page photos. The mission of the new system is to overturn booking with blockchain and NFT technology. Events sell out their tickets in a matter of minutes, mostly because of peddlers and suckers. 

Nevertheless, these listings can be bought and sold for a high price on the secondary market. Web 2 cannot, for instance, control the secondary market. As a result, paying exorbitant prices to watch their favorite artists perform is borne by fans. Additionally, because the cards are in the hands of the pacifiers, artists frequently miss out on the financial benefits of secondary distribution. SeatLabNFT aims to fix these issues. 

Benefits for fans and creators

Artists can create NFT tickets and sell them directly to fans thanks to the consensus protocol of SeatLabNFT. This eliminates space for losers as a result. Since NFT tickets will be distributed through Web3, they will have a distinct identity as opposed to physical tickets, which can be easily faked by unscrupulous people. 

SEATLABNFT works to make the interaction between creators and societies and their fans exciting, enjoyable, and outstanding. It makes people feel more involved and engaged. Fan engagement and loyalty can therefore be raised. Creators can also distribute NFTs and merchandise linked to their events through the SeatLabNFT smart contract as payment for performing extreme sports like skydiving or going to concerts.

For instance, an artist can send NFTs to concert goers they know will be attending in large numbers. Because of this, artists can release collectibles in exchange for a variety of benefits like discounts on merchandise or early entry to events and concerts.

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