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OSOM today unveiled the full description of its cryptocurrency focused smartphone, the Solana Saga. This arrives just weeks after Solana co-creator and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko unveiled his web3-centric Android smartphone, Saga, to customers in New York.

The functionality and pre-order

The new device comes with notable features such as an IP68-rated case, a 120Hz display, a 50MP main camera and almost one terabyte of storage. The clients can pre-order the smartphone with a  $100 deposition. It is expected to be available in early 2023.

The primary buyers of Saga are cryptocurrency users, to whom the Solana system is closely linked through its features and capabilities. It utilizes the Solana-based Android operating system, which allows engineers to create wealthy customers utilizing the Solana applications. This currency is one of the 4th generation high-bandwidth blockchains and the first one to be built on the Ethereum system.

The device runs Android 13 and is powered by a 4,110mAh accumulation, and connectivity options include 5G, dual SIM, Bluetooth 5.2, Type-c connectivity, and NFC. The Saga smartphone is accessible for pre-order at one hundred dollars deposits that are fully returnable.

Starting 2023, the smartphone will be sold with an expected final price of $1,000. Ecosystem impact. Yakovenko talked hilariously, perhaps reverently, about some of the “wonderful” moments he’s had in the Solana system over the last several years, especially in one. As for the Nansen stats provided by Yakovenko, Solana earns more than US$21 million monthly.

The only valid account

The launch allows Solana to become more than just a cryptocurrency-oriented company, but a competitor to Apple, Microsoft, and Android. By focusing on supplying the users with more Web3 options for mobiles, they can expand and reach the popular audience of the Solana ecosystem and potentially incentivize the money blockchain.

The same goes for other electronic devices. So the focus on competition with the popular brands has led Solana to the top places in the ratings and made it even more possible for it to become the possible rival for tech giants in the upcoming years.

trading robot

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