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In 2016, Craig Wright had a long private meeting with Gavin Andresen and proved that he is Satoshi during a signing session to show that he owns Satoshi’s private keys. According to Wright, he was in tears after the event and suffered severe emotional trauma because he struggled to prove that he is the original developer of Bitcoin.

With the lawsuit filed against him in Norway by Hodlonaut also known as Magnus Granath and by him in the UK accusing Hodlonaut of defamatory statements, providing cryptographic proof that he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto is a very important move that Wright, seemingly, won’t make.

The evidence must be complex, but the cryptographic proof would be enough

To silence many of his critics, Wright could have provided evidence years ago, but the drama goes on because he refuses to do so. The attorney representing his case Halvor Manshaus said in his opening statement that the cryptographic proof alone would still be insufficient to convince many people that his client is the creator of Bitcoin.

The long statement focused primarily on several mentions in mainstream media that his client has been struggling with proving his identity and that the emotional pressure alone is enough to justify the rejection to provide any further evidence. The testimony of Andresen was used as direct proof.

The neat caveat here is that Andresen has already testified in court and retracted his claims that Wright was Satoshi. He said on record that the evidence presented to him by Wright was nothing but gibberish that could not be used as proof that Wright had access to Satoshi’s private keys.

Hodlonaut will start the offensive

The attorney of Magnus Granath announced that the team will audit all evidence presented by Wright’s team with the help of KPMG, a global audit firm. The report is already in possession of the legal team and will be made public if necessary. We will learn more about this case when witnesses start appearing during the next week and deliver their statements in the court setting.

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