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The SeaCoast, a new company developing brand-new methods to research the planet’s waters using web3 technology, has declared the open sale of its crypto-coins. The sale will start on the 25th of October and will give the clients the 1 chance to buy COAST coins.

The COAST coin is at the center of SeaCoast’s marine ecosystem, focused on screening information for waters and bays developed by SeaCoast. This allows researchers to access more relevant information and improve connections with localized contacts. SeaCoast has created three apps to contribute to this goal: ShoreView, PaperBoat and PortView.

These applications pay back to individual instructors for their shared information and skills, as well as enable new ways of interacting with coastal resources. ShoreView is a virtual assistant that makes it easier to navigate the coast via augmented computer experience, showing right at the very moment what users can and cannot see with the bare eyes.

The augmented reality experience

PortView makes berthing your boat easy with an augmented computer world and voice assistants. ShoreView is a virtual assistant that provides a visual and audio interface to help users navigate the shore. 70% of rental boat accidents occur at anchorages, so it’s the equivalent of Google Maps’ how-to functionality. PaperBoat is a booking management tool that works like a navigation on

Jose Manuel Arnais, Chief executive officer and creator of Jazztel and several others, said that in fact, the new cryptocurrency is acquired by users who distribute the info received as they navigate and explore coastal locations. Coins are gained by showing geography referenced items and information displayed on the computer map with other customers.

The more info you provide about the shore regions, the more tokens you earn, the higher your level, and the better rewards you get. Tokens can include high status entrée to docks and holds, personalized sale coupons on local services and more.

The Seacoast platform

SeaCoast is revolutionizing the method for users to communicate with the world’s shore areas using cryptography, blockchain and other Web3 technologies. Anyone connected to the planet’s waters (shorelines, ports), from sailors to vagrants, can participate in the three SeaCoast applications, and depending on the value they provide, COAST coins will incentivize participants at SeaCoast to advance the future of augmented reality we are creating.

trading robot

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