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A. Pompliano, a crypto enthusiast and investor, stated that a huge amount of ETH tokens is currently stored on Amazon servers. And the evidence of such an e-commerce giant into the core of Ethereum’s system lead to questions of true redistributed networks.

As for his opinion, he is convinced that now J. Besos has too much influence on the system and might even affect the decisions of the higher Ethereum management.

He might prohibit Ethereum-related De-Fi transactions at any moment, that’s the reason for Pompliano’s questions on the free and decentralized framework.

He was showing a lot of skeptical opinion while discussing the matter and looking for a firm reassurance from crypto investors or developers of the network. 

Causes for Questions

The easiest way to describe the crypto frameworks and tokens, as BTC or ETH, is to look at them as coins or items of programs. They can be easily used on webpages and be incorporated into websites.

The Ethereum network, in comparison with Bitcoin, is extremely huge and complex and requires additional servers to manage and store info. It is impossible to host it on one personal computer and requires cloud services and other ways to expand. 

And that is the reason for the investors’ worries. If Besos would like to influence the decisions of Ethereum management, he can simply turn off the servers and the whole network will collapse.

The Reaction From the Managers

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But still, Pomp got a response to his tweets. It was stated by the Ethereum developers that the system really needs improved decentralization, but on the other hand, the accusations are too serious and there is far little evidence for their support. 

As for the recent technical reports, the Ethereum system depends on external servers for only 20 % of its network. Others are hosted in the company’s departments. 

But such info did not fully satisfy the investor. He still asks for more information to support the decentralization of the system statements. He needs evidence on the system’s liquidity and the operation of other services and their maintenance. 

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