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Trade Capitol Review

Trade Capitol logoHave you started to believe in your trading skills and want to start a trading journey? Are you at a point where you just need a platform to get you started with trading? If yes, you have come to the right place because I am here to guide you on your starting point.

I will tell you about a broker that I think can be of great help to you in beginning your trading journey and taking it to a great place. In your search for an ideal trading platform you can actually refine your search with the help of this Trade Capitol Review.

Convenient Induction

For anyone to be able to do CFD trading with Trade Capitol, the requirement that needs to be fulfilled is the simple signup i.e. registration process. Registration process begins by filling out the online form by providing the mandatory information which is completed upon confirmation by the broker. Not more than 5 minutes would be required to complete the process as the information required is pretty basic and nothing else.

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Features of Trading Accounts

Trade Capitol is globally appreciated for featuring finest multi-trade purpose trading accounts and all of them carry a punch in terms of their individual features, tools, and resources. Each account type provided by Trade Capitol contains exactly the same tools and resources for novice traders as are available to average or professional traders. However, the pro level accounts have astonishing features too which are only available to premium account holders. For instance, this account includes facilities of obtaining loan from the broker, availing leverage, unlimited access to consultation, advisory and managerial services and education etc.

Helpful Trading Tools

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Trading tools are the essential components of safe and viable trading, hence, using them wisely is the key to trading successfully. With regard to tools, Trade Capitol has compiled all the best tools in one place, such as daily market reviews/insights, trading signals, risk determination, stop loss take profit, live charts, currency converters, etc.

Minimum Funding Requirements

After registration, you will be taken to a number of accounts from which you will need to choose the account you would like to open. Account opening is yet another process which too has the condition of funding the account through with minimum deposit. After making the minimum deposit, you can immediately get into our account to take advantage of features, resources, tools, trading opportunities and customer support service.

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Funds and Information Security

In contrast to others, you will instantly note that security standards of Trade Capitol are exceptional and tight security has been put in place. Under the broker’s policy standards, Trade Capitol is duty-bound to ensure security of not just the funds but also provide security of information. One aspect of security is that the traders’ funds are kept in separate banking accounts so that they don’t get mixed up with others nor can anyone sneak in and steal the funds. As a security measure information sought from the members is converted into encrypted forms so that unauthorized access can be curtailed.

The company maintains these trader funds in bank accounts at regulated banks, well known around the world by millions of consumers.

Support for Customers

There is a general disbelief found amongst many online brokers which is that they don’t think that provision of customer support is necessary. However, for Trade Capitol, providing 24/5 customer support is more than essential. The broker believes that if the customer support is top notch then it greatly impacts upon the expansion of business and is a source of free marketing. Trade Capitol’s customer support can be accessed by either calling them or by using the live chat feature. In the alternative, contact form can be submitted in case the customer wants the broker to contact them instead.

Final Thoughts

Trade Capitol is undoubtedly a premier broker that has been offering premium online brokerage services that thousands of traders take advantage of from many countries. If you are enthusiastic about CFD trading then Trade Capitol is definitely the place you must consider.

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