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AKO Markets Review

The Forex industry is a highly competitive domain with hundreds of brokerage firms offering their services to over 10 million active traders. AKO Markets is an established brand that has thousands of loyal customers from across the globe. It is a well-known provider that has a large catalog of compelling financial products.

We decided to take a good look at this broker and list several reasons why you should be interested in this platform if you plan to start investing in financial markets.

AKO Markets uses state-of-the-art technology

Many companies offer various financial services, but only a handful provide all the necessary tools to their customers. There are several aspects of AKO Markets’s technology that allow it to stand out from competitors:

  • Advanced safety measures. The modern internet can be dangerous even for experienced users. AKO Markets has a web platform that uses strong encryption and anti-malware solutions to ensure that user data is protected from unauthorized access.
  • A robust infrastructure. When trading with AKO Markets, you will notice the absence of any bugs or issues with discrepancies between live market data and price charts displayed in your terminal connected to the servers of this broker. The infrastructure is stable and optimized for high performance.
  • Stellar user experience. This online-only service is designed to make every action convenient and intuitive. You will like the layout of the website, straightforward navigation, and responsive mobile app.

AKO Markets has many compatible trading terminals

Many experienced traders do not like using native trading terminals offered by brokers. The selection of technical indicators and customization options is just too limited. While AKO Markets has a good terminal with lots of useful features, many time-tested applications still outperform it. Here are some solutions you can use to access servers of AKO Markets:

  • MetaTrader4 is a wildly popular terminal and platform of choice for over 9 million active traders and analysts around the globe. Easily customizable and still supported by a large community of independent power users, it is a solid tool for any day trader or conservative investor.
  • MetaTrader5 is a streamlined version of the MT platform. It has many vetted technical indicators and polished complex tools that look nicer and work without any issues. However, the level of customization is just not there. The MT5 mobile app is great though.
  • TradingView is an online-only web service that has been gaining momentum recently thanks to the development of the crypto market. TV has a plethora of tools including specialized indicators for crypto assets like HashRibbons.

AKO Markets offers outstanding customer support

The support team employs only competent specialists and trains them to ensure that they can resolve any issue users may encounter when working with the website or the mobile app. You can reach out to representatives of the support department via live chat, e-mail, social media, and the ticketing system.

AKO Markets offers favorable trading conditions

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The broker has several advantages that all-day traders and scalpers will appreciate. It is a solid choice for people who want to maximize their profits. Here are some important trading terms that will grab your attention:

  • Low spreads allow you to use minute price changes and still earn money. Spread trading is a good strategy to employ.
  • Charge-free banking allows you to avoid paying for deposits and withdrawals. While not significant on their own, such commissions quickly add up.
  • Flexible margin trading means that you can adjust leverage to manage risks efficiently and enter market positions without risking your capital.
  • Diverse financial instruments give you enough space for creativity when it comes to building a reliable trading strategy.


AKO Markets is a solid company with a long history of successful business operations in one of the most competitive industries in the world. People choose this broker for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to invest conservatively or focus on day trading, you should check out the lineup of financial products offered by this company.

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