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Invest505 Review

The broker built a good reputation and has the goodwill of its customers to rely on. It is a company with a rich history of success and thousands of people who regularly use its services and various financial products. Invest505 is a well-recognized brand in the international community of Forex traders. It offers a solid selection of investment packages targeting all types of investors.

There are many reasons to choose this particular trading platform over many of its competitors. We decided to describe them in detail here.

Reason 1. Invest505 offers good trading conditions

Many day traders and scalpers are constantly looking for places where they can trade with the best conditions. Invest505 gives you favorable terms and provides necessary flexibility to conservative investors and experienced professionals.

  • Low fees. Spreads are different for each asset. You can choose assets with lower spreads and trading volume, but with a higher chance of earning substantial profits on each trade.
  • Diverse financial instruments. If you have a strategy that relies on high volatility and trend reversals, you can look among currency pairs and some CFD contracts. There are less volatile assets that will be interesting to more conservative traders.
  • Flexible margins. Controlling risks and understand potential rewards are two skills that any experienced trader masters over time. However, you won’t be able to put them to good use if the broker does not give you opportunities to do so. Invest505 offers you to choose the size of leverage to finely adjust your long-term market positions.

Reason 2. Invest505 has a great customer support team

This broker invests in training its employees and providing them with high salaries. Specialists of the support team are eager to help and will answer within minutes after you leave a message in the live chat. The initial response is automated, but if you have a complicated question, you will be immediately redirected to a chat with a technician.

Employees of the customer care department at Invest505 are polite, competent, and quick-thinking. They will assist you with any issue you may encounter when using this trading platform.

Reason 3. Invest505 offers an excellent trading terminal

While many experienced traders prefer using time-tested solutions like MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, it is important to have access to a simpler yet finely tuned terminal designed to work flawlessly with what Invest505 has to offer. The native trading terminal has many features that will be appreciated by experienced users:

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  • Technical indicators. The selection includes standard tools like moving averages, RSI, Stochastic, and volumes. These instruments are enough to gauge the market situation and make a correct investment decision.
  • Graphical overlays. Support and resistance levels and many other tools that make price charts more comprehensive are available to all users.
  • Reliable performance. Instant order execution, real-time data, and the absence of any bugs make this platform a great choice for those who want to trade effectively.

Reason 4. Invest505 is a crowd favorite

User reviews about this broker are mostly positive and focus on strong aspects of the service such at robust technology, interesting financial products, and responsive customer support. There are some negative testimonials that usually say that withdrawals are delayed by up to 5 business days (which is standard for the industry) and that they lost money while trading. The latter should note be blamed on your broker, but here we are.

Reason 5. Invest505 has intriguing investment packages

You can trade and try to be profitable, but there are also ways to invest money with Invest505 and receive income passively. You can choose from a wide range of investment options including trust management and automation.


Invest505 has many advantages that make it stand out from the crowd. With unique investment products and very forgiving spreads, the broker attracts thousands of traders from all across the globe and provides valuable service to both individual and institutionalized investors looking for ways to diversify their portfolios.

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