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The Alabama University, one of the 1st scholarly establishments to show curiosity about the Web-3 tech, submitted 6 brand name requests with the US in the light of the cryptocurrency boom. The Patent and Trademark Office will offer NFT-related services.

The new crypto-related trademarks

M. Kondoudis, a known brand attorney, stated that NFT-focused brand names applications are programmatically created to offer particular services related to NFTs and the Metaverse, reflecting the university’s intentions to register its name and logo as a trademark. Applicants are to create NFT digital token e-commerce web-site for online products, NFT markets, commercial intermediation works, and much more.

Additionally, he published a picture of the trademark application that UA had submitted. The University of Alabama Board of Regents is the registered owner of the trademark. In addition, it appears from published info that the Educational institution intends to utilize these 6 trade names to supply NFT-related items. It also offers media records that are available for download. This includes digital collections of pictures, videos, songs, artwork, and stuff like that. 

The project will also make use of a website that acts as a storefront for consumers to buy multimedia products that function as digital goods and a website marketplace for NFT where users can purchase and trade NFT made of the media assets. Additionally, the service entails the creation of NFTs and the delivery of financial intermediation services targeted at electronic coins, NFTs, and cryptographic items. 

Despite the crisis, interest in crypto is rising

In spite of the ongoing difficulties the industry is facing, there has been an increase in the number of trademark applications for products and services related to cryptocurrencies that have been subjected. This has led to an increase in interest from major corporations worldwide. Rolex committed to offering cryptocurrency-related services by submitting a brand name application to the USPTO at the end of this October.

Prior to this Monday, high-end watch manufacturers declared their intent to enter the NFT market. Soon after some well-known businesses entered the world of crypto, Rolex had also filed a trademark pertaining to cryptocurrencies. Many draw parallels between the crypto marketplace and the Internet and forecast big gains for early adopters. 

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