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As for the November 14th news report, there were more than 190 million unique addresses on the Polygon network, breaking the previous record. 

Polygon broke the all-time record

On November 14, 2022, the number of distinct wallets almost reached two hundred million unique addresses, breaking the previous price record for Polygon MATIC, the Ethereum token that runs the Polygon network.

With the launch of its own user-inclusive NFT marketplace, Nike, the biggest sportswear retailer in the world, has reached a new milestone. The fact that Nike’s brand-new online product, SWOOSH, will be supported by Polygon’s framework is both exciting and unusual. 

According to Polygonscan, token research and analytical service, Polygon has experienced a four point (ten percent) increase in value less than 24 hours after the announcement of the partnership between Nike and Polygon.

As for the report of the CoinMarketCap, MATIC is currently ranked 10th with a marketplace capitalization of more than eight billion dollars. 

It has now seen its highest level of significant dealings since last winter with its native coin. Regarding the expansion of Polygon MATIC, it has a simple explanation. Binance and Coinbase both support Polygon.

By addressing scalability issues on numerous blockchains, the undertaking aims to encourage the widespread acceptance of crypto. Scalable and autonomous smart-contracts can be executed with ease thanks to Polygon’s integration of the Plasma system and PoS crypto-related framework. 

The interest in Polygon’s MATIC token started to rise

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After that, Polygon worked with Meta and Nubank to host its non-fungible token (NFT) and to implement its non-fungible token (NFT) vision. Thanks to its recent collaboration with Nike, Polygon is currently expanding and making progress in the cryptocurrency sector. 

In a recent broadcast, the American global athletic wear heavyweight Nike uncovered its brand-new, user-focused online community to give its users a place to share Web3-based activities.

According to a press announcement, Nike issued yesterday, its brand-new service would benefit contestants and the growth of the sport.

Given that electronic possessions on this specific redistributed finance system have succeeded to infiltrate several social media platforms, Nike’s decision to use Polygon as the foundation for its NFT site does not appear surprising.

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