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Bay Exchange Review

The online trading community has been expanding massively on a daily basis because people, other than the traders, too have come to believe that online trading is a viable source of income. The expansion could also be seen in the brokerage sector, particularly in the online trading. This Bay Exchange Review will highlight services rendered by one of the top and rapidly growing brokers in the ever-expanding online trading world.

Crypto Trading

When crypto trading began, it was considered by a very small number of traders particularly because cryptocurrencies were quite a fresh concept that required extensive understanding. However, with the passage of time, traders grasped the idea and started crypto trading, particularly for two major reasons namely it involved very less transaction fees and secondly security. In recent times, a third aspect was also introduced which showed that in terms of profitability, crypto trading is unmatched and hence crypto trading became immensely popular immediately.

Being an online broker, Bay Exchange too saw huge potential in crypto trading and decided to use its experience by launching a crypto-dedicated trading platform for carrying out CFD trading. So basically, the broker offers crypto CFD brokerage services to traders from all over the world.

Here are some of the amazing features and high-end services which Bay Exchange has been offering.

Trading Account Structure

In the online field of trading, the first step for initiating trading of any asset is by opening a trading account with any broker. Bay Exchange too has structured three major accounts namely Standard, Managed and Saving Account wherein funding needs to be sent through the leading digital currency i.e. Bitcoin. As for meeting the initial deposit requirement, Standard account requires a deposit of 2 BTCs, while Managed requires 20 and Saving needs 40 BTCs. Upon complying with the initial deposit requirement the account is made operational and fully functional for crypto CFD trading.

Top-Notch Features in Accounts

Account structure is developed on the basis of tools, resources and features which collectively make up a trading account. Depending on the account, the features are variable for instance, the standard features in all the three accounts are personal senior advisor, all-recorder, education, tools and access to expert training, webinars, trade insights, signals, 24/5 customer support and leveraged trading.

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Then there are further features which too are as important as any other trading features. These features include:

24/5 Customer Support

Bay Exchange offers a fully trained and experienced customer support where support staff keeps them available 24 hours five days a week. If anyone wants to address a technical problem or wishes to obtain a trading advice or needs to understand market analysis, the member of Bay Exchange is free to get the help from the customer support.

Fully Digital

An astonishing thing to note about the trading platform of Bay Exchange is that the broker is a fully digital platform. The access to the platform is digital, account opening is digital as well as tools and resources utilization too is completely digital. Any device with the internet connection is good to go for exploring the broker’s trading platform or utilizing any of its services and offerings.

Privacy & Security

Huge respect is paid by the broker particularly with regard to privacy which isn’t just a trader’s concern but also a concern of Bay Exchange. All the information submitted by the trader is hence kept in protection by converting the information into coded form. The broker also keeps a close eye on the trading platform for monitoring any unauthorized activity because security of funds is essential. In this connection, each account holder has been provided with a two-layered security passcodes which are being set up by the trader himself or herself only.


If you will join Bay Exchange then you would actually be helping yourself because with this broker you would be getting an opportunity of utilizing all the modern and technologically advanced tools of CFD trading. You are hoping for a push and Bay Exchange would be welcome to give you an extra push.

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