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UOP Capital Review

UOP Capital logoThe FX market is certainly a big place. With over $585 trillion in notional value of all derivatives alone, it has a scale unimaginable to a layman. In this competitive environment, UOP Capital is among the best companies that provide an excellent financial product to thousands of individual and institutionalized investors. It is a brokerage service provider that has a multitude of interesting investment options to choose from and a rich selection of financial instruments to work with!

What makes UOP Capital a good choice?

It is hard to find a successful online service that manages to attract and retain thousands of customers when the entry cost is so high. While you can open an account with just a couple of bucks, you need a lot more to start making money. Only exceptionally good providers can achieve high levels of customer retention in such circumstances.

Here are some advantages helping UOP Capital attract and keep clients from all across the globe:

  • Impeccable user experience. From stunning visual design to the simplicity of the user interface, everything is built in a way that facilitates efficiency and reliability. The web infrastructure is very responsive and stable meaning that you will enjoy analyzing the market and trading on this platform.
  • Enticing trading conditions. The company focuses on creating a product that benefits both clients and the platform in many ways. Low spreads and flexible margin trading allow traders to stay profitable meaning that the broker also makes more money in the long run by simply collecting commission.
  • Incredible customer support. When it comes to providing care to clients, UOP Capital is one of the best in the market. Support specialists respond within a few minutes after you send a message in the live chat system. They are competent and polite.

Are there bad things about UOP Capital?

This trading platform is great in many ways, but it does lack some polish in a couple of aspects of service. Here are some downsides that we have to mention:

  • We had several occasions and messages from readers as well when withdrawals were delayed by exactly 5 business days which is within borders specified in the User Agreement, but still too long to be comfortable.
  • The terminal needs more tools and customization options. Currently, it loses to many third-party platforms that are available in the market.

The trading terminal by UOP Capital

The native terminal is designed by a team of industry-leading app builders. The terminal feels good to use and provides a plethora of interesting tools like fast charting, multiple time frames, graphical overlays, and technical indicators. The arsenal of instruments is sufficient enough to run a good strategy without using third-party tools.

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If you want to be more flexible and efficient, using other analytical platforms could be a good idea. However, you should not rely only on technical analysis when forecasting price changes.

Banking options at UOP Capital

The broker has a rich selection of ways that you can use to pay for services, top up your balance, or withdraw earnings when necessary. If you are not against a delay, use bank transfers. These are the safest transactions, but processing can take several business days. Debit cards are much faster, instant even. However, they should be used for transactions below a certain threshold. Use them when you need to avoid a margin call.

Here are some other nuances about banking:

  • Withdrawals can be requested only to verified bank accounts with credentials matching the information provided during the verification process by users.
  • Cryptocurrencies may be available as payment options to some clients. Inquire in the customer support system.
  • The trading platform does not subject transactions to fees, but your bank, financial service, or debit card operator may have hidden commissions.


UOP Capital has been successfully offering brokerage services to thousands of retail traders from across the globe. It is a reliable company that you can certainly trust. If you are looking for a broker with a diverse lineup of interesting products, this one should be on your radar!

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