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World commerce giant Elon Musk has used the fashionable cryptocurrency Dogecoin to pay for his brand-new perfume trade name, Burnt Hair.

The scent of burnt hair

Elon Musk is promoting a new perfume company called Boring. Prominent businessman and Forbes richest person Elon Musk stated on Tuesday, Oct. 12, through a post on his Twitter page that he will be selling his fragrance for Dogecoin. The brand-new scent was announced on the website of Mr. Musk’s subsurface company, Boring.

This new product has been described as the coolest fragrance on the planet. The company describes the creation as the best flavor on the planet. For interested buyers, shipping is expected in Q1 2023.

DOGE price increase

A similar wave of memes was witnessed in 2022 when Elon Musk informed that Tesla would take cryptocurrencies as a way to pay for their products. After the announcement, the price of Dogecoin lifted by $0.20, up 15%.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has demonstrated a long loyalty to Dogecoin and continues to push it as a payment method. Less than a calendar month after selling Elon Tesla’s Cyber ​​Whistle and “Burned Hair” fragrance, the company only started to accept defrayments in Dogecoin.

The advantages of using Dogecoin and Musk influence

Elon Musk was a strong advocate of the original DOGE coin. The billionaire has acknowledged investing part of his fortune in the token and has repeatedly announced the value of the token. In August, a businessperson claimed that Dogecoin is easier to trade than Bitcoin.

trading robot

As evidence of this, he points to the fact that a transaction that takes about ten minutes with BTC can be completed in about 60 seconds with Dogecoin. Electric vehicle beast Tesla, space vehicle maker SpaceX,  passageway company,  The Boring Company all use DOGE as a payment method. Earning millions of dollars in 24 hours. Musk’s Record Gains Boost Dogecoin. 

On Wednesday morning (January 12) this month, Musk announced that he had sold over 10,000 bottles of his perfume. This means she sold $1 million worth of perfume within 24 hours of the perfumes launch.

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