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Smartlink, the decentralised exchange and storage platform for Web3 application programs, declared the release of its flagship program, a Facebook-like decentralised exchange platform for cryptocurrency buyers.

The new product is a new market platform, based on the blockchain system, available for web users that eliminates the  dealing dangers inherent in online trading platforms. Smartlink has made three big strides this year, launching 2 programs in just a few months.

The new Smartlink marketplace takes advantage of existing electronic markets to give marketers a service to host, sell, and support their products. Today’s markets lack mechanisms for resolving commercial conflicts and dishonest dealings. They provide little or no transaction protection.

Lots of products to buy and sell

The buyer uses the appropriate currency to protect the goods. Buyers have to deposit enough money to  pay for the interest of the company. This amount is deposited into a smart transaction contract. The customer receives the product, tests it, and if the product meets their expectations, confirm the transaction.

Once the client accepts the purchase, the Smarthis  regulatory instruction shifts the frozen money to the merchant’s address. The Smartlink market system fully backs up physical objects and plans to offer 3PL and monitoring capabilities in coming products.

The platform effectively integrates the functionality of various aspects of Web3 with the first Tezos-based NFT released in February. More company updates are planned in the future.

Advantages of the decentralised system

In fact, there are many web markets to sell NFT and other electronic resources. In some situations, law-breaking and malicious trading deals have been executed on these platforms, frustrating many customers. The Smartlink  transaction system goes a step farther and lets users trade in real estate on the platform.

trading robot

They now have a chance to purchase and trade products on  domains with no fear of theft. It is also a standard method to alarm problems, providing maximum protection and almost completely reducing the risk of fraud and deceitful dealings.

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