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Solana-based playing service Arcade2Earn lately received more than $3.2 million in financial support

Arcade2Earn is a platform for playing games and earning money, created by the developers of the Solana blockchain system. It has a feature called ‘Task Pools’. This function gives gamers a chance to earn crypto tokens with no need to use NFT, promoting the game to the next level. Various investors have  also participated in the financing.

The web-3 projects overview

According to The Block Research, funding for web-3 services has declined overall this year, but the majority of invested money was spent on NFT and crypto-games in the year of 2022. This shows that undertakings that use gamification in their system are appreciated by people and investors, no matter what.

In addition, some analysts and game fans believe that games will become a major source of income in the super universe. They also argue that Arcade is different from other well-known web-3 game undertakings. They are used and developed a lot in the gaming industry as they are very profitable.

As for the newly developed Arcade, it has a new functionality, called “General Mission”. This conception allows gamers to gain currency without NFT.

How do players earn money

Additionally, Menifee says that users will be able to use the xarcade token to donate to a specific group of companies.  Anybody with an approved Arcades app can act as a Game Moderator. Players can access games with NFT exclusively or on loan from video games.

These tokens are used to generate prizes for those who win these games. Nevertheless, the writers to the quest pool are the Arcade Token owners. They select the game mechanics to be used in the game and support the miners.

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They can also support miners by giving them special donated tokens. After donation, the token is then locked into a group and returned only when the task is completed. Prizes are also distributed proportionally.

Arcade2Earn plans to release a demo later this year. Not everyone has the opportunity or time to play for money, said Shenlu Yu, president of KuCoin Labs. But his main goal is to help people earn money by simply playing games.

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