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Stonewall Capital Review

It takes less than five minutes to join online trading, but it is the research work that can prove to be quite arduous and tiring for most traders. However, I have done that part on your behalf and can help you pick a platform you surely will appreciate. For the purposes of making things easy for you, I have compiled this Stonewall Capital Review to talk about its features, accounts, tools and benefits. Once you have gone through them, you can then decide whether you need this platform or not.

From signup process to withdrawals, I think the features have been laid out pretty well by this company. It is clear from its features that it likes to care about its traders and provide them with something they don’t find elsewhere. Let’s know more in this review.

Trading Accounts for Traders’ Convenience

It is quite usual that majority of online trading platforms offer limited number of accounts. However, in contrast to its competitors, Stonewall Capital has provided a total of 7 account types. The standard as well as the least funding requirement for initiating trading with the platform is $250 only. Despite the fact that you can own a trading account by funding $250, the platform does not shy away from offering its finest features, tools and resources.

What I mean to say is that even if you go with this basic trading account, you will find plenty of tools and resources available to you to help you with your trades. As you progress through these accounts, you get even better features and a special royalty treatment from account managers and customer support.

Trading Platform with Great Portability

When you go to a broker’s website, you will note that they rely on multiple platforms for trading such as web trading, desktop trading and mobile trading. Although all three of them are widely popular but from the point of view of safety, web trading platform is considered the best option. You would be surprised to learn that Stonewall Capital’s trading platform offers web-trading mechanism, which is a lot easier to understand and immensely user-friendly.

With the web trader, you are free from time and regional location restraints. If you have an internet connection and a mobile or desktop device, then you can instantly access Stonewall Capital’s web trading account anytime from anywhere in the world. It’s true, you don’t have to download anything to use this trading platform.

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Resources and Tools Concerning Trading

Each account of Stonewall Capital comprises its unique features and dynamic tools and resources, which also include the highly important aspect of learning and education. The broker’s platform has features such as account manager, 2-layered security protocols, leverages, bonuses (including joining bonus), incentives, tight spreads, low margins and zero commissions. Amongst the tools, you will find tools such as trade indicators, price index, live charts, market insights, mobile trading, currency converters, risk management etc.

As far as helpful resources are concerned, you can access online library of Stonewall Capital for attaining trade related knowledge from e-books, podcasts, webinars, one-on-one training sessions, expert consultation etc. The best part is that you can access such valuable educational resource without paying an extra dime.

Customer Support and Banking Convenience

Whenever you need help or technical assistance, you will get it from Stonewall Capital through its dedicated customer support. On the other hand, there are plenty of options provided by Stonewall Capital that can be utilized for the withdrawal or deposit of funds. The funds can either be withdrawn or deposited through bank wire transfers. Similarly, you can fund your online trading account with the company using your Mastercard or Visa logo carrying credit or debit card.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that you would quickly become fond of the features, resources, tools, leverages and bonuses which Stonewall Capital promises to offer you. However, you have to get yourself registered with the platform and trade in the assets of your choice for availing such benefits.

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