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TradingBotPro Review

Have you been looking for a trading platform for a long time without any positive results? Do you think you have wasted a lot of time looking for that perfect online trading services provider that gives you an ideal trading experience? If that’s the case, I am sure you will find something today when you read my complete TradingBotPro review.

I want to talk to about this platform because I think the people behind the creation of it are those who have been traders in the past. I can see how its features are all focused on traders and benefit them in many ways. Rather than making hollow claims, I would like to get right into the review, tell you about these features, and let you decide.

Trade Crypto, Forex, and More

Don’t limit yourself to one market because you don’t have to anymore. You have a platform that gives you access to all the major financial markets in the world and hundreds of assets within them. Whether you like to trade forex currency pairs or stocks, you will not have go to elsewhere to trade them. On this same trading platform, you can trade commodities that include precious metals and energies.

TradingBotPro also allows you to trade indices on it, but what gets my attention the most is that you can trade cryptocurrencies. What is really admirable is that you are not kept limited to trading Bitcoin or other couple of big cryptos. You can trade Dash Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Neo Coin, and many others in addition to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In a nutshell, you have the golden opportunity in your hands of diversifying your portfolio when you sign up with TradingBotPro. To add further to your trading experience, the company has provided you with a web-based trading platform so you can trade all of these assets without downloading the platform.

Many Accounts with Varying Features

The diversity of not just the account but the features within makes TradingBotPro a well-established trading platform with solid understanding of traders’ needs. The silver account can be opened with just $5000 whereas you will have to deposit $10000 to open the gold account. Irrespective of the account you pick, you will have no trading fees to pay on top of the spreads. Account managers come with all the accounts, only their level of experience might be different depending on your account type.

trading robot

The more advanced your trading account is, the faster you can withdraw funds. Just so you know, you have 5 accounts to choose from with Silver being the first and Diamond being the last account. I was amazed to see that this broker offers you the direct financing option as well, which can be up to 100% when you pick the platinum account. So, you can see how the trading accounts have been made very intelligently and with varying traders’ needs in mind.

Favorable Trading Conditions

When you sign up with an online broker, you must consider the probability of growth and progress. If you can’t grow in your trading career, there is no reason to stick to that broker. How do you know if you can grow or not? Well, look at the trading conditions, which usually consist of the leverages and spreads. The tighter the spreads, the better your trades will be for you because you will get to keep most of the profit you make on your trades. With VIP and Diamond accounts, your spreads are as low as 0pips.

As for leverages, the company offers different leverage levels based on your trading account type. With the silver account, your leverage is 1:5 but it goes as high as 1:500 when you sign up with the diamond account.

Final Thoughts

I would agree that the features I have talked about might not be unique to this broker, but they are definitely better compared to many other trading platforms on the market. You can always use the online form to get in touch with the company if you have more questions.

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