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Warner Music Group is a musical company that has declared a partnership with OpenSea, a leading player in the unfunded tokenization platform (NFT).

The association will create a platform for WMG’s chosen musicians and content creators to develop and grow their fan-base on its Web3 website. WMG content makers will have access to new OpenSea droplets, improved discovery as well as custom landing pages. They will also be provided with early access to personalized stories and musical details.

In addition, artists will have a separate page for organizing limited edition projects. The company stated that this will provide new convenient ways for fans to interact with the music and artists.

New W3 assosiation

OpenSea will also provide special support for WMG artists to create a new Web3 association. This will help introduce new forms of connection and creativity, supported by NFT, to our existing fan base.

Community and fan play a critical role for music creation and artists development. The WMG high management strongly believes that the usage of NFTs will help artists to protect their rights and give fans a chance to support their favourite musicians.

Partnership with OpenSea will foster these associations by opening up web3 appliances and sources to help artists, establish interaction, access and ownership.

New cryptopartnerships

The partnership is the latest in a series of steps WMG has taken to develop its Web3 expertise.

trading robot

In January, it collaborated with virtual game world “The Sandbox”.  In February, WMG issued a partnership with decentralized system game planner Splinterlands, which will give select WMG artists the ability to form and evolve arcade-style blockchain games.

This has now become a reality. And in June, the company worked in a strategic funding with American company Authentic Artists, a metaverse and blockchain-based music platform.

In the near future new collaborations with other NFT and crypto-currncy projects might be introduced. In general the usability of blockchain systems grows every day and they are becoming more and more popular. Because of the uniqueness of each token they are extremely helpful for artists and content creators because it can make plagiarism simply impossible.

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