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Ankr has recently marked a new achievement that is on its roadmap. The platform, quite popular for being a provider of a Web3 infrastructure, has introduced the launch of a staking service. 

Ankr Introduces ANKR Token Staking 

Ankr has recently announced the launch of a staking service for its users. The staking service introduced will be for the ANKR tokens.  

This is a monumental upgrade introduced by Ankr for its users. The staking service has been introduced for the benefit of the users through the infrastructure layer.  

By participating in ANKR token staking, the users will be allowed to participate in Web3 systems’ growth.  

Greg Gopman’s Comments on ANKR Token Staking 

The Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Gopman has stated that the launch of ANKR token staking is a new and remarkable achievement for their platform.  

By offering ANKR token staking, Ankr has taken a step within the decentralized industry. It was always considered that Ankr was a centralized infrastructure provider.  

With the launch of the latest service, Ankr has made its presence known within the decentralized industry. With the new service, the users will be able to contribute their tokens and then earn rewards as a result of their investments. 

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Staking Requirements 

Ankr has announced that the users will need to stake at least 100,000 ANKR to their nodes in order to earn from the protocol. The particular node would act as an insurance deposit for the ANKR token.  

By staking ANKR tokens, the users will be able to provide support nodes as well as earn many rewards. It has been confirmed that 70% of the total rewards would go towards the node. Out of the 70% reward, 51% would go towards the node providers, while 49% of the rewards would go towards the staking insurance pool. 

On the other hand, 30% of the total rewards go under the control of Ankr DAO. The Ankr DAO then assigns the reward to the Ankr Treasury.  

Performance of ANKR Going Forward 

Following the launch of the staking service, it is expected that the value of the ANKR token will rise significantly.  

The token will eventually grow stronger with time, and its value may continue rising with more investors participating in the protocol. 

At the time of writing, the trading value of ANKR is $0.03196. In the past 24 hours, ANKR’s trading value has surged 0.72%, and the past 7-day performance shows its value has surged 2.95%. 

ANKR’s overall valuation currently stands at $319,614,493. In the past 24-hour, ANKR’s trading volume has surged by 46.47%, which is a strong indication of the positive movement of ANKR.

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