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Genesis Exchange Review

Genesis Exchange logoAre you searching for a reputable and reliable broker with the right financial tools for trading various assets like indices, commodities, stocks, and forex? If yes, Genesis Exchange is the right platform for you.

Genesis Exchange has a user-friendly platform and offers various accounts to meet the demands of traders, both beginners and professionals.

Also, the firm houses a comprehensive educational section, including round-the-clock customer service, to help traders improve their trading skills while learning more about the financial market.

This Genesis Exchange review will highlight top-notch features that make this broker stand out from competitors.

Genesis Exchange homepage

What Is Genesis Exchange?

Genesis Exchange is an internet broker that provides various financial trading services to customers. Thus, providing them with the opportunity to trade different financial products.

Additionally, the platform has various analytical and research tools to assist traders in making smart investment decisions. Besides, it is among the few brokers that offer its services in Arabic.

Genesis Exchange has various trading platforms that meet customers’ different preferences and needs. Unlike other trading firms, Genesis Exchange has a 24-hour standby customer service that assists users.

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Services That Genesis Exchange Offers

Genesis Exchange has many trading and investment services available to its clients. Such services include asset management, online trading, and market research.

Meanwhile, the company’s online platform, which has a simple layout interface, makes it easy for users to access different investment tools and make educated and informed choices.

Furthermore, Genesis Exchange has an educational section that contains different educational resources. These resources teach users more about the investment process and the financial market.

Genesis Exchange website

Customer Service

Genesis Exchange is among the prominent online trading firms worldwide. The firm boasts of customer support on various phone, email, and live chat channels.

The customer service team is always available to assist traders with questions. Genesis Exchange also has a detailed FAQ segment on its platform that answers different questions that users may have, including previous questions from other users.

Device Accessibility

Genesis Exchange also has a mobile trading application available on iOS and Android devices. Clients can download the application on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS, respectively.

Also, users can trade different financial instruments like cryptocurrencies, forex, and CFDs on the app in real time. Additionally, the application supports Chinese and English while offering different features to enhance the user’s experience.

Deposit and Withdrawals

One major advantage of Genesis Exchange is that users can make deposits and withdrawals smoothly and with ease using several options.

Withdrawal of profits is very easy and quick compared to other platforms. Another major advantage of Genesis Exchange is that withdrawals and deposits have no hidden charges or fees.


Based on several customer feedbacks, the Genesis Exchange platform is well-secured, where users can buy and sell financial instruments without fear of losing their assets. Genesis Exchange uses modern security technologies to safeguard users’ accounts and personal details.

User and transaction data are well encrypted and stored where hackers cannot access them. Hence, users do not have to worry about unauthorized access to their personal information.

Genesis Exchange has 2-factor authentication and SSL certificates to serve as extra security. Moreover, a dedicated and trained security team on-ground evaluates and monitors the platform for suspicious activities.

Educational Resources And Trading Tools

The educational resources available on Genesis Exchange can teach anyone how to trade. The educational resources available include articles, tutorials, and videos that teach about the different kinds of assets and how to trade with them.

This online brokerage firm also has a demo account that clients can use to practice trading and get accustomed to the market before using real money. The educational tools available on Genesis Exchange are meant to teach users how to trade in various financial markets.

Genesis Exchange also has various trading tools, especially for professional users who want to conduct in-depth analysis. These tools allow clients to trade various financial assets such as futures, bonds, options, and stocks.

In addition, users can use this tool to access real-time news, market data, and research tools. There are also various indicators, and charts traders can use to understand trends and predict future price movements.


Genesis Exchange is a trading platform that provides various financial assets to its users. These assets include stocks, options, forex, CFDs, etc. Generally, Genesis Exchange is a trustworthy and renowned broker providing outstanding customer service. If you are seeking an online brokerage firm, Genesis Exchange is an excellent option we recommend.

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