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We have the date when the merger of Ethereum and its Beacon network will happen. September 15 is the most frequently quoted date. However, it is not exact. The merger will occur when the network is ready. The difficulty of mining and the total hash rate determines when the merger can happen. Other minor factors also contribute, but technical parameters are the most impactful.

Since the event will have a dramatic impact on prices, many investors are interested in when it will happen exactly. We have many reports that Ethereum whales are moving massive amounts of ETH to exchanges which is a strong indicator that many will start selling right after the merger. We still do not know how the event will affect the network in the long run. However, market volatility is guaranteed. Prices may be chaotic for two or three weeks.

Knowing when the merger will begin is a precious bit of knowledge that many people are quite interested in. While many websites give you the date and have conveniently placed countdowns, you should remember that September 15 is the most likely date, but the merger may occur between September 13 and 17. It wholly depends on the computational capacity available and the number of blocks added.

If you are interested in having a closer estimate, you should take a look at WatcherGuru’s real-time countdown page where you will find several important types of information:

  • The number of blocks left before the merger will begin;
  • The predicted date of the merger and the amount of time left (estimated);
  • Total network difficulty in quintillion with a neat graph showing the change in real-time.

Investors and traders will find this information extremely valuable since many will base their decisions on when they should sell or buy (depending on their interpretation of technical indicators) on the estimated date of the merger. Being able to get ahead of the market is a crucial advantage for those who have a solid plan.

Hopefully, you will find this instrument interesting and worthy of your time. Take care and don’t rush your trading decisions!

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