Anushka Sharma Net Worth

anushka sharma net worth

A Few Facts About Anushka Sharma: Movies are everyone’s favorite, and so are the actors acting in the movie. Every person has at least one favorite actor and actress. The actors work hard so that we can enjoy the movie to the fullest. The movie industry is among the highest-paid industry and also is one … Read more

Virаt Kohli Net Worth

A Few Facts About Virat Kohli: Cricket is a sport that is loved all around the world. There are millions of fans of cricket worldwide. The sport of cricket was founded in 1909 by the Imperial Cricket Conference. There is no doubt in India too, cricket is very much popular. Our national cricket team has … Read more

The Rise and Growth of Small Size Homes

A relatively new concept that is taking the real estate industry by storm is small-sized apartment units which can be categorized into studio apartments as well. Considered as lucrative investments with easy entry and exit points, studio apartments are being increasingly favoured by young professionals. By definition, a studio apartment is a small self-contained unit … Read more


A regular source of income is a necessity for senior citizens. But the falling rate of interest of fixed deposit, ppf and other saving schemes has troubled people. For senior citizens, it gets very difficult to reach financial stability. To help our senior citizens the Indian government has come up with several schemes. SCSS is … Read more

What Happens When a 99-Year Lease Expires?

What Happens When a 99-Year Lease Expires?

Whenever a 99-year lease expires, the ownership of the area pertains back to the government, and also any landowners’ rights are essentially terminated. Site owners, on the other hand, will very certainly be entitled to reasonable recompense for any dwellings that survive on the land. However, the answer is no. Furthermore, what tends to happen … Read more

What Happens to HDB Flat after 99 Years?

HDB Flat

Singapore has earned the status of being one of the greatest government housing models around the world. Since about 2019, a staggering 80percent of Singapore’s entire population, even those on leasing programs, has lived in public housing. When buying a house, one of the very first questions you could ask is, “How much longer can … Read more

Why is a 99-year Lease better Than a Freehold?

Why is a 99-year Lease better Than a Freehold?

The fundamental distinction amongst the freehold and leasehold homes is the collective ownership over the property. As a homeowner, you have a lot of freedom regarding your house as long as you follow the local zoning regulations. When a government grants a 99-year lease agreement on land, the government owns the land for that period … Read more

How to Check Property Ownership Online in Delhi

It is required to do a proper property title check in India. This is necessary to do this in order to ensure that the property being acquired has proof of ownership and is independent of any type of charges. Given the significant cost of purchasing a home, It is advised that property purchasers should hire … Read more

How do I file a Complaint against a Loan Recovery Agent?

How do I file a Complaint against a Loan Recovery Agent?

A recovery agent is a person recruited by a third-party company, which is hired by the bank in order to recover payment or the total amount owing from a client. To collect money for banks, these recovery firms frequently investigate businesses and consumers. Many individuals in India fear these loan recovery agents of their ruthless … Read more

What Is The Net Worth Of Neeraj Chopra ?

Every Indian eye was set on Neeraj Chopra in Tokyo Olympics when he set out to throw his javelin. Neeraj Chopra made every one of us proud by securing a Gold Medal in the Javelin throw at Tokyo Olympics 2020. He made the entire nation proud by winning India’s first Gold medal in Athletics. As … Read more