Silvergate Reassures Investors In Its Trustworthiness And Stability

In a recent disclosure to the media on the 28th of November this year, Silvergate Capital made it known that it held close to no connections to the yet-bankrupt BlockFi company. Less than $20 million of Silvergate’s customers’ deposits, according to the company, are invested in the struggling business.  Silvergate resolves clients’ worries As the … Read more

Staking vs. Yield Farming: Key Differences

Cryptocurrencies have expanded at an astonishing rate in recent years. Still, they have various means of earning revenue in the cryptocurrency sector, where users can leverage existing wealth to get new crypto assets. Investors no longer need to depend just on trading to earn from cryptocurrency. With the advent of decentralized finance, users can diversify … Read more

Mastercard Expands Its NFT And Crypto Services

For most corps looking to strengthen their endurance, Web3 is the cutting-edge battleground. Mastercard was no exclusion, and the association on Monday filed a new function for a different type of business.  Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a new operational focus area The trademark lawyer Michael Kondoudis posted on his Twitter account that the broadcast would … Read more

All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Mixers

If you know anything about blockchain, chances are that you also understand how it works and how the public ledger stores and displays the recent transaction history along with the public wallet addresses of the parties involved in every transaction. However, the true identity of every person doing the transactions on a blockchain is always … Read more

Poloniex Suspends Several Stablecoins With No Reasoning

The BSC layer’s top stablecoins are no longer supported by Poloniex. The exchange reportedly stopped the deposit and withdrawal processes for several stable coins without providing any explanation.  According to a recent statement, the deposit and withdrawal operations for a number of BSC-based tokens have been suspended on the best-selling cryptocurrency trading service Poloniex. Part … Read more

The Future of Crypto in 2022 and Beyond

In the years to come, what do people think will happen with the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin? Do those who have a solid understanding of the situation feel there is a chance that the value of the cryptocurrency will go up or down? In the not-too-distant future, what types of things do customers envisage occurring … Read more

What Is Lens Protocol And How Does It Work?

Introduction The concept of the online social graph at the beginning of the 21st century resulted in hyping the popularity of social media and innovation in the digital market. A distinct line has been drawn between the users of social networks and the places, people, and things they interact with by the specific data structure. … Read more