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  • SAND price escaped the demand area in the $4.21 – $4.77 as the alt gained 20%.
  • Enthusiasts may expect Sandbox to extend its upsurge to $5.50, then $6.
  • A four-hour candle closes beneath the $4.21 support floor will nullify the bullish narrative.

Sandbox (SAND) price observes brief slowdowns after the latest uptrend. Though the metaverse token may witness a slight drop, it is likely to continue its uptrend as the overall crypto industry flashes bullishness.

SAND Price Ready for another Run Up

SAND noted a 20% rally, forming a demand area that stretches between $4.21 and $4.77. Meanwhile, the altcoin might witness a correction following this surge and might retrace the mentioned demand territory.

Such a move might strengthen a footing to support another upside rally. That way, the alternative token may surge towards the resistance barrier at $5.52, translating to a 15% increase from $4.77. However, SAND might extend its leg up past this level, tagging the psychological zone of $6. That would constitute a 25% ascent, and Sandbox might develop a local top after that.

Though the positive picture by SAND price, breaching the demand zone in the $4.21 and $4/77 range will show buyers’ weakness. A 4hr candle close beneath $4.21 will develop a lower low, canceling Sandbox’s bullish thesis. Such an action might open the downward patch for the token, retesting the support floor at $4.08. Buyers can attempt another rally from this level. If selling pressure persists, SABD might revisit the foothold at $3.88.

Nevertheless, SAND has witnessed bullish moves within the recent sessions. That came as the broad market saw bulls’ rebirth. Bitcoin noted a leg up, exploring levels at $43,798 at this publication. The leading crypto appears to recover from the latest downbeat. Nevertheless, Bitcoin requires a steady move towards the $50,000 psychological point for reliable bullishness in the near time. Maintaining beneath $45,000 will mean uncertainty as things could worsen at any time.

Sandbox will surge to its targeted price levels without hassle if the current bullish motion in the market persists. The metaverse token has the chance of rallying to higher levels of $6.

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